Rapid Application Onboardin

Rapid Application Onboarding: Best Practices

This whitepaper delves into best practices of rapid application onboarding. It explains organizational, procedural, and technical tools that enable rapid onboarding best practices for organizations looking to onboard hundreds of business applications to an identity and access management (IAM) system. Additionally, the paper discusses the benefits, challenges, and key considerations associated with lifecycle management, separation of duties (SoD) policies, and role-based access control (RBAC)


Consumer Identity and Access Management

This CIAM Solution Brief delves into the challenges of managing customer identities and understanding customer behavior across digital channels. It explores how our comprehensive solution streamlines user onboarding, access control, and security while also incorporating customer behavior analytics to foster trust, loyalty, and a more personalized customer experience.

Solution Brief
IAM Datasheet

Aujas Identity and Access Management

Aujas Cybersecurity’s IAM services empower organizations with comprehensive control over digital identities within their digital systems, ensuring a personalized consumer experience across multiple channels


Platform for Access Lifecycle Management (PALM)

Aujas cybersecurity’s PALM is a cutting-edge cross-platform for automated application integration with IAM, available as cloud-native SaaS or on-premises. The platform’s automated application integration factory model streamlines the integration process, automating tasks from requirement collection to code generation. The power combination enables streamlined deployment, reducing time-to-value and enhancing overall project efficiency.

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Aujas Cybersecurity offers end-to-end security testing services to shield your organization from real-world cyber threats.

Our highly skilled team of experts employs cutting-edge intelligence-based security testing methodologies to analyze and replicate the tactics employed by malicious actors, delivering unparalleled insights and strategic recommendations to enhance your security posture


Registered device management and chip mastering for AADHAAR and MOSIP registered devices

Aujas Cybersecurity’s Registered Device Management (RDM) platform is your one-stop solution for registering and managing L0 and L1 compliant devices for national identity management platforms like Aadhaar and MOSIP.

Joint solution brief.

Empowering Identity Governance with Aujas Cybersecurity and SailPoint

Unlocking Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Success Globally

Solution Brief

IoTFence - SaaS for registered IoTdevice management

Aujas Cybersecurity offers a fully managed scalable SaaS-based IoT solution to manage, authenticate, and maintain IoT devices with simplified device lifecycle management and device compliance assurance.


DDoS Resiliency: Insights from Real-World Simulations

With the rising sophistication and cost of DDoS attacks, enterprises are realizing the need for a robust mitigation strategy. Aujas Cybersecurity, in collaboration with RedWolf Security Inc., recently hosted a webinar titled, "DDoS Resiliency: Insights from Real-World Simulations."


Aujas DDoS attack simulations

With the increasing threat of DDoS attacks, enterprises require proactive security measures. DDoS simulation services provide an advanced defense strategy by simulating various attack scenarios to enhance monitoring, defense capabilities, and incident response. From e-commerce to healthcare, DDoS simulation services can fortify enterprises against cyber threats.

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Aujas Managed Detection & Response

This e-book shows how our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services can protect against modern security challenges in a world marked by remote workforces and distributed geographies. With the strategic use of anomaly detection and the application of the NIST framework for incident response and recovery, Aujas Cybersecurity has empowered diverse industries to manage and overcome threats to their IT ecosystems. This coffee-table e-book contains success stories, where Aujas Cybersecurity's expert team integrated with threat hunters, swiftly identifies and responds to threats.

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Flex On-Demand

Flex-on-Demand is a flexible and cost-effective solution that enables organizations to confidently navigate evolving cybersecurity challenges. With key offerings like infrastructure and application security testing, the solution adapts to the organization's needs with a consumption-based model. Real-world success stories showcase its impact, providing a scalable, outcome-based security testing solution for enhanced security.

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Aujas Managed Detection& Response

Aujas Cybersecurity offers tailored MDR services that address issues like alert fatigue and skills gaps with essential features such as threat intelligence, proactive hunting, continuous monitoring, and incident response. The Aujas Cyber Defense Center ensures around-the-clock threat detection.

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Building modern CIAM for customers, consumers, and citizens

This whitepaper by Kuppinger Cole addresses the challenge organizations face in managing diverse external identities in the digital age. Highlighting the vital role of a robust CIAM system, it highlights three key requirements: supporting standard capabilities, adapting to emerging trends, and featuring a contemporary architecture with comprehensive APIs. Aujas Cybersecurity offers end-to-end IAM support from assessment to solution delivery and ongoing operations.

Account Aggregators

E-guide: Get onboarded to the Account Aggregator Ecosystem swiftly

India's Account Aggregator (AA) system is transforming finance, driving innovation, and ensuring secure digital access to financial data. Aujas introduces Saksham, an automated self-assessment and API certification kit, streamlining validation and compliance in the AA ecosystem. Our e-guide is your answer to effortless onboarding, offering practical insights and support for FIPs, FIUs, and AAs to align with ReBIT guidelines.

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Managed XDR (Extended Detection & Response)

Extended detection and response (XDR) can break security silos in organizations by automating detection and response and modernize security operations through proactive and predictive threat mitigation capabilities. Our e-guide shows how XDR can reshape security outcomes to maximize security across enterprise.


Transforming Cyber Defense with 360 Degree Managed Detection & Response Services

Managed detection and response (MDR) services deliver 24x7 visibility into enterprise infrastructure through capabilities such as proactive threat detection, alert investigation, endpoint detection and response laying the groundwork for a next-gen Cybersecurity Defense Center (CDC). This whitepaper navigates the evolving threat landscape, addresses challenges of traditional security approaches, and highlights the necessity of MDR in safeguarding enterprises.


Robotics Driven Automation for Smarter Identity and Access Management Solutions

Robotics-Driven Identity and Access Management (IAM) in help organizations overcome operational challenges found in traditional IAM deployments. It can reduce manual intervention, minimize errors, streamline operations, simplify IAM processes, and improve employee life cycle management. This whitepaper shows how Robotics Process Automation (RPA) can automate and simplify IAM processes to address security, compliance, and governance challenges.

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Risk-Aware Identity and Access Management

A Risk-Aware Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution is a powerful tool for decision-makers that creates intelligent and risk-aware IAM environments. This paper discusses the drawbacks of traditional IAM deployments and highlights the distinctive capabilities of Aujas Cybersecurity's Risk-Aware IAM service.

Securing the Digital Banking Ecosystem with API Security & Governance

Securing the Digital Banking Ecosystem with API Security & Governance

As global financial institutions undergo digital transformation, customer perceptions of banking are changing. This shift is unsurprising given the growing comfort of customers with digital technologies. Our whitepaper explores how API security and governance in the digital banking ecosystem ensure a secure financial experience for end consumers.


Introduction to Information Security Risk Assessment using FAIR

Today organizations face increased risks from insider threats, security breaches, and non-compliance with industry regulations due to incomplete understanding of their Information risk landscape. The FAIR framework serves as a foundational approach for risk analysis, enabling a better understanding, analysis, and measurement of information risks. This guide can help you to effectively assess and comprehend information security risks.


Guide to Saudi NCA Essential Cyber Security Controls Standard Complianc

With growing challenges posed by cybersecurity threats, organizations must integrate cybersecurity into their overall risk management strategy. Developed by the NCA of Saudi Arabia, the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC – 1: 2018) are tailored to meet the cybersecurity needs of organizations and sectors within the Kingdom. Our guide provides an Aujas Cybersecurity perspective on key considerations for effectively implementing NCA ECC – 1: 2018 compliance, empowering organizations to enhance their cybersecurity practices in alignment with best practices and recommendations.


10 Security Checks you Cant afford to miss in IoT Development!

Amidst growing security concerns from the rapid adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices, it has become necessary for organizations to enhance security and privacy measures. Our whitepaper explores the security challenges associated with IoT and the essential security checks for ensuring a robust IoT ecosystem.

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How a Global Leader in Risk & Financial Advisory solutions, addressed their security testing needs with Aujas’ Flex-on-Demand model.

As technology evolves, so do cyber threats. Security testing for new applications is crucial, but it can be complex. Aujas Cybersecurity’s Flex-on-Demand is a flexible solution to speed up security assessments that enables you to pick the security services of your choice, plan testing easily, and save costs.

Success Story
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Leading pure-play software company strengthens user trust with CodeSign

CodeSign by Aujas Cybersecurity streamlines the code-signing process, providing a fast and scalable solution that ensures code security and compliance with industry standards. This DevOps-friendly tool employs advanced cryptographic algorithms to protect software from tampering or ransomware. With easy integration into existing toolchains, CodeSign offers a lightweight and efficient approach to secure code signing.

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