The rapid surge in intelligent threats due to digitization, pandemic, and remote work makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to secure their technology ecosystems. Mitigating risks have become even more important with the growing amount of data generated across the enterprise and the pressure to meet compliance standards.

The threats and risks include DDoS, zero-day vulnerabilities & cloud misconfigurations, sophisticated phishing campaigns, malware, and ransomware. Security teams find it challenging to identify and fix them, as these are insider and external threats focussed on employees, networks, hardware, applications, and devices. Moreover, the threat landscape is infested with cybercriminal syndicates, nation-states, lone wolves, and malicious insiders who use highly sophisticated tools, techniques, procedures, and practices, to circumvent security controls, personnel, and systems to steal sensitive data.

Adapting and reshaping security operations with the blend of proactive threat discovery, threat hunting, and threat intelligence services becomes significantly essential for organizations to rapidly detect targeted attacks that are not detected commonly by existing security tools and platforms.

Enterprise security challenges

  • Unknown cyber-attacks lead to data breaches that can have a catastrophic impact on financial outcomes and brand reputation.
  • Lack of threat intelligence keeps the security operations team unaware of ongoing and upcoming threats.
  • Leadership teams are blind to the risks their organization face and the options they should use to address the impact.
  • Increased attacks on digital assets and the use of ineffective threat management platforms and solutions to mitigate these attacks.

End-to-End, Connected, Intelligent Offensive Security Solutions

Offensive security is the new-edge, next-gen security methodology that helps detect, respond, simulate, prevent & protect critical enterprise systems and data from complex attacks. It is a proactive approach to identify, assess, and protect user identities, data, systems, and networks from real-time cyberattacks with context-rich threat information and simulated adversarial practices.

The capabilities include:

  • Adversarial threat driven approach
  • Resilient security operations
  • Deep dive analysis of zero-day risks, vulnerabilities & susceptibilities
  • Evaluate the ability to detect, respond & prevent sophisticated attacks
  • Enhance knowledge & expertise of skilled resources
  • Improve security awareness

Offensive Security Services from Aujas

Threat Intelligence

  • Tactical: Identifies simple IOCs ingested through feeds or API
  • Operational: Provides attribution, motivation, intent, TTP’s employed by threat actors.
  • Strategic: Focuses on high-level trends and adversarial motives to enable informed decisions

Threat Hunting

  • Create hypothesis
  • Investigate with tools & techniques
  • Uncover patterns & TTP’s enriched analytics


  • Investigate
  • Analyze alerts & incidents
  • Identify related artifacts & evidence
  • Uncover any compromises


Aujas provides threat hunting services using integrated data-logs lake, hunting platforms for previously hidden threat activities, known TTP, attack vectors that surpass & infiltrate security systems. The service intends to proactively uncover security events, alerts, and incidents, highlight gaps in threat visibility coverage, and significantly reduce MTTD & MTTR to threats.

Aujas follows a cyclical approach for cyber threat intelligence that includes diverse sources such as threat-intel feeds analyzed by our experts to ensure feed enrichment with an understanding of business processes & contextual risks. This provides asset-specific and meaningful intelligence along with practical, actionable information to address dynamic threats.

Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting Platforms

  • Implement, configure threat hunting platforms with use-cases, and enable platforms integration with various security tools & platforms such as EDR/XDR, SIEM, SOAR, Firewall, etc.
  • ATT&CK MITRE Framework mapped hunting query libraries and automation playbooks
  • Threat hunting platform administration and management

Dark Web Monitoring

  • Identify and profile threats such as data leaks, brand misuse, impersonations, domain spoofing, potential threats from dark web sources
  • Integrate with threat intelligence, hunting platform, and other security platforms to formulate accurate insights

Threat intelligence driven Hunting & Compromise Assessments

  • Environment tailored threat/attack advisories
  • IOC based threats discovery and hunting assessments

Managed Threat Hunting

  • Custom hunting queries, use-cases development
  • Periodic reporting on threatscape, metrics & compliance reporting and management

Red Teaming

  • Hunt for threats keeping real-time adversaries’ approach in mind, and assess internal defensive security mechanisms

Threat Intelligence

Threat Advisory

  • Open source & commercial threat intel, and advisory services.

Threat Intelligence Platforms

  • Implementation of threat intelligence platforms and integration of these platforms with SIEM, EDR, Firewall, etc. and configuration of use-cases
  • Open-source and commercial threat intelligence platform administration and management

Advanced Threat Research & Intelligence Analysis

  • Client specific strategic and tactical CTI feeds subscription service
  • Threat intelligence directed research and development
  • Threat intelligence monitoring
  • STIX, TAXII base threat feed integrations with MDR platforms and services

Advanced Threat Intelligence Reporting

  • Continual CTI analysis and actionable reporting & tracking
  • High confidence threat feed reporting
  • Actionable remediation/countermeasure recommendations
  • C-level executive reporting on CTI and threatscape
  • Periodic reporting on threat intelligence and threat-scape
  • Metrics & compliance reporting, and management

Threat Management Services

  • IOC management
  • Addition of new free, open-source intel feeds, custom hunting queries
  • Rules, use-cases, and playbooks development
  • Incidents, events, custom data feed enrichment
  • Observable threat lookups
  • L2 and L3 level intelligence support to assist in complex triage and incidence response investigations


Cyber Forensics Lab Setup

  • Setting up of forensics lab

Breach/Incident Response & Management

  • Incident investigation and analysis

Cyber Forensics Analysis & Reporting

  • Compromise assessment
  • Static & dynamic malware analysis
  • Logs correlation and predictive analytics

Fraud Management

  • Fraud detection and investigation

Remediation Advisory

  • Consulting services and recommendations advisory on recovering from cyber incidents and frauds