Attackers are continually improving their breach abilities through various disguises such as cryptojacking, polymorphism, and encryption to have their malicious presence within weak security environments. Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) ensure organizations have complete visibility of their internal and external security landscapes. Aujas offers advanced MTDR Services, which includes threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, attack simulations, incident monitoring, incident analysis and response.

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Threat Management

Yield actionable threat intelligence to forecast and anticipate threat vectors

SIEM & Security Monitoring

Improve security readiness through real-time threat monitoring & detection

Automated & Continous Attack Simulation

Managed deception and automated continuous attack simulations to drive proactive threat discovery

SecOps Orchestration

Service catalog based process design & continuous improvement framework to orchestrate security tools and systems

Implementation Experience

1 Billion

Events analyzed for large SIEM & Security Analytics installations


Custom parsers developed to integrate niche log sources


Use cases designed for security monitoring scenarios

How Aujas can help you

  • SIEM service optimization by control integration, process mapping, relevant reporting, operations & continuous improvement.
  • Proactive threat discovery enabled by actionable threat intelligence, threat hunting, and managed deception.
  • Ensure process improvements through SOC service catalog design, process mapping, automation & transition.
  • Orchestrate security operations through run book automation, incident response & visualization.

Solution Approach

A.Strategy and Planning

  • SOC strategy and planning to assess the optimal operational model based on business & technical requirements, risk, and financial constraints.
  • SOC framework and consulting to establish governance & metrics, identify resources & tools, and deploy procedures.
  • SOC architecture design to create and deploy comprehensive security policy standards, guidelines, and operating procedures.

B. Solution Implementation

  • Optimize SIEM implementation and integration to ensure security coverage is within scope.
  • Advanced correlation rules and use case configuration to process and detect advanced patterns.
  • Analyze infrastructure security events through predictive analytics and reporting.
  • Develop custom parsers for logs encoded or formatted through proprietary methods.

C. Enhancement & Sustenance

  • Co-managed SOC services to improve operational efficiencies.
  • SOC skill assessment and augmentation to deliver sustainable value.
  • SOC maturity assessment and audits to identify gaps and prioritize improvement areas.

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