Managing Information Security Risk

We help organizations manage information security risks by protecting data, software, people and identities, in-line with compliance requirements and best practices; We also help strengthen security governance and intelligence frameworks.



Enhance Vulnerability Management with Our Analytics + Vulnerability Intelligence


Why traditional vulnerability management programs are seriously under-prepared in dealing with the current advanced threat landscape, and how vulnerability intelligence along with analytics can help mitigate such threats.

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Quicker Risk Mitigation with Our Fast Track Identity and Access Governance


Organizations fall prey to fraud, insider attack and data breaches when they fail to manage the risk of user access; Users having either too much access OR having unaccounted access to critical business applications. See how this large US bank mitigated access risk using our Fast Track Access Governance approach. 

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Get More From IBM QRadar SIEM With Our Managed Security Services


Deploying a SIEM is the beginning and not the end of the journey. There are many challenges; ‘Quick Start’ deployment is inadequate, talent crunch is for real and to make it really work effectively, multiple skills are required i.e technical and operations support, ability to create and implement new rules, fine-tuning, adding new log sources, and more. Our Managed SIEM Services gives you everything that is required to manage and sustain your QRadar SIEM, without the pains. We help you get much more returns from your SIEM investments.

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Get Ready to Detect, Respond and Recover from a Cyber Attack


Cyber Attacks are imminent and it is a matter of time when you will be the next one to come under an attack, if not already. Organizations fail to detect and respond to security incidents due to weak monitoring capabilities and lack of expertise, tools and procedures.

In this webinar we will look at the cause and effect of the problem, analyze preparedness and learn how you can be better prepared to detect, respond and recover from cyber attacks.

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Transform Vulnerability Management With Our Managed Security Services


Our Managed Security Services (MSS) for Vulnerability Management combines our expertise of Threat Management Services with the Advanced Security Analytics and Vulnerability Intelligence capabilities of our award winning SAVP Platform. See how it can address all the 5 challenges in vulnerability management, and make it much more effective and effecient.

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Stay On Top Of Vulnerability Management with Vulnerability Intelligence

Vulnerability Intelligence by SAVPbyAujas

It takes 46 Days and 1.5M$ in average to recover from a Cyber Attack. Prevent it with an effective Vulnerability Management Program.

Our NLP driven advanced machine learning algorithms brings you the power of Vulnerability Intelligence. Empower your security and product teams to better respond to Cyber Attacks.

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