Aujas’s advanced threat simulation services can simulate various combinations of threat scenarios to test your organization's cyber defense capabilities in a safe, real-time environment. We can partner with you to drive customized, context-aware threat simulation exercises to mimic and identify tactics, techniques, and procedures of various threat actors. The simulations help evaluate your security team's capabilities to take on sophisticated attacks and optimize the effectiveness of security controls.

Our Services

DDoS Attack Simulations

Real-world simulation exercises to test your organization's preparedness against a DDoS attack and help you discover and remediate critical gaps in people and processes

Red Team Assessment

Intelligence driven security exercises to replicate threat landscapes related to your business

Spear Phishing

Evaluate the readiness of your employees against phishing and social engineering attacks

Threat Hunting

Proactive intelligence driven threat monitoring to enhance detection capabilities and drive threat hunting missions

Implementation Experience


Advanced attack vectors created


Traffic generation capacity


Cloud servers (agents) to launch simulated attacks


Agents capable of provisioning bandwidth of 10 GB+


Testing scenarios to detect all possible security breaches

How Aujas can help you

  • Sophisticated breach and attack simulation exercises to authenticate and manage security posture.
  • Measure security risks to know vulnerable areas and track security improvements.
  • Remediation recommendations to fix security gaps and optimize security controls.
  • Security experts having the expertise to leverage threat intelligence across attack life cycles and identify the presence of hidden threat vectors.
  • Proven experience in establishing governance structures, processes, roles and responsibilities in driving outcome based threat hunting simulations.
  • Advanced threat simulation capabilities to evaluate security initiatives and empower people, processes, and technology to mitigate risks.

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