The whitepaper provides a deep dive coverage on the key capabilities and specific enhancements a Risk-Aware IAM solution provides to ensure effective risk management.

You will get to know how by taking a risk-based approach, IAM system can be made into a formidable tool for decision makers in the quest to achieve risk awareness, creating a more intelligent and Risk-Aware IAM environment.

You will also gain a good understanding of how advanced and combined capabilities of Aujas can help in meeting your risk management objectives.

Whitepaper Highlights

  • Role of IAM in information risk management
  • Drawbacks of traditional IAM deployments
  • Is Adaptive risk-based authentication enough?
  • Risk-aware IAM capabilities
  • Aujas Risk-Aware IAM service

About Aujas

Aujas is a global cyber security services company with deep expertise in Security Compliance, Identity and Access Management, Risk Assessment, Application Security, Managed Security and Security Engineering services. We have been recognized by Deloitte and Gartner for our unique cyber security capabilities.