Maximize security readiness by identifying real world vulnerabilities through rigorous intelligence driven security tests and replicating threat landscapes related to your business.

Our Red Team exercises collate and analyze intelligent options which can be used by persistent attackers. We also test your existing security framework for any vulnerabilities to real time attacks.

Our elite team of experts can assess your organization’s security effectiveness through a multilayered full scope attack simulation initiative designed to measure the readiness of your resources, networks, application, and physical security controls to overpower specific cyber threats.

Key business reasons to adopt Red Teaming services:

  • Real time experience on how attacks happen
  • Clear overview of potential strategies and methodologies of attackers
  • Evaluate organizational capability to detect, respond and recover from threats
  • Breach assessment reports with recommendations for your internal security teams

Enhance Security, Improve Transparency, Strengthen Compliance

We provide you through visibility of various exploitative options which can be considered by attackers, including probable actions never imagined before. Our expertise identifies multiple fully cycle attack pathways and scenarios simultaneously while providing critical recommendations and observations. Your security staff’s ability to counter multiple attack front lines and safeguard assets will also be tested, our experts will observe their gaps and coach them to improve detect and response capabilities.

The purpose is to give you a transparent, unbiased external view of your organization's security strengths, weaknesses and maturity to deal with cyber-attacks.

Our Best Approach to Ensure Higher Value

  • Assess and uncover hidden high security risks
  • Analyze the impact and measure of threat exploitation
  • Identify challenges by defining breach scenarios for existing security posture
  • Remediate through strategic security services & solutions customized to your business

Red Team Approach to Assess your Cyber Defenses

The engagement focus is to mature security systems, processes and controls and enhance defensive capabilities by replicating real attack simulations. Simulated real time targeted attacks are launched in multiple phases by creating scenarios for every infrastructural asset and through exhaustive checks for every component under test.

Target Security

Target Intelligence Gathering

Drive reconnaissance missions to gather information associated with the target system in scope through various tools to know the target’s security structure, policies, systems, device specifications, configuration and restrictions.

Cyber Attack

Probe and Attack

Identify the zone of attack by pinpointing the weakest link. Plan the attack, choose the mode of delivery and sustain long term presence by leveraging recon intelligence to control outcomes.

Cybersecurity Access

Asset Access

Recognize security compromises and gain access to either the user or root accounts. Once done, progress to gain higher levels of access by containing other devices and systems.

Red team

Access Sustenance

Exercise advancement and stealth processes to determine deficiencies, alter configuration files and disable services or features, establish control privileges and move silently between devices and systems, modify logs and deflect security events.

Vulnerability ASSESSMENT

Vulnerability Assessment Reports

The reporting phase of external and internal security assessment consists of aggregating the discovered and exploited vulnerabilities in a technical report that thoroughly describes risks, vulnerability descriptions, remediation steps, root cause categorization and remediation plans.

Aujas Red Team Advantage

Sophisticated cyber-attacks are posing constant challenges even to those enterprises claiming to be highly evolved security technology bastions. Be it a program, platform or application, there is enough scope for a variety of security breaches, attack vectors, exploits, and malware intrusions. We are experienced in successfully managing high risk threats and have years of advanced cyber combat expertise to insulate your valuable business assets. Our range of offerings can be customized to your data security initiatives, this includes, assessing your security postures, prevent network compromises to protect business integrity, and threat intelligence services.

Our expertise can help you to:

  • Neutralize vulnerabilities across data, software and processes through simulated attacks and testing methodologies
  • Blend in security controls to insulate your businesses from every day threats and attacks
  • Take informed decisions from our advisory support personnel who can provide security best practices and remediation measures
  • Bolster your attack and defense readiness to threats and breach incidents
  • Enhance your security team’s awareness on how to respond and collaborate with other business functions to epulse any attacks