Aujas security engineering services can enable the design and build of security solutions that require custom software development, testing, and integration with other security OEMs. These services can also augment in-house capabilities to innovate prototypes, include multiple solution feature sets and can reduce time to market to stay competitive and differentiated.

Explore Our Security Engineering Services

Ecosystem Engineering

Establish product ecosystems to make third party security products  interoperable through apps and integrations

Code Sign Platform

Establish authorship and tamper proof your applications with automated code signing

Secured Software Development

Eliminate security flaws in your software by integrating secure software practices with your software development 

Custom Security Development

Address your unique cybersecurity requirements with tailor-made security solutions

Registered Device Management Platform

Scalable SaaS-based IoT solution to manage and authenticate Aadhar registered devices.

Our Security Engineering Implementation Experience

40 Million+

Mobile banking users

450,000 +

Connected devices secured for financial transactions

2,500 +

Merchants & aggregators
secure integration achieved

How Aujas Security Engineering Services Can Help You

  • Integrate security engineering in development models by designing, building and releasing security controls.
  • Manage software identity and malware control with an innovative Code Signing platform. 
  • Integrate third-party security platforms for fast detection and mitigation of threats.

Our Security Engineering Solution Approach

A. Strategy and Planning

  • Requirement engineering to include features, user experience design and wireframing, analytics, product development roadmaps and product management support.

B. Solution Implementation

  • Build services such as product and module development, testing, open source IP compliance, code signing and code handover.

C. Enhancement & Sustenance

  • Expand product extension and plugin frameworks, develop upgrades, patches and hot fix development, release management, new integration validation, support feature management and advanced trouble shooting.

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