Security Engineering Services can enable the design and build of security solutions that require custom software development, testing, and integration with other security OEMs. These services can also augment in-house capabilities to innovate prototypes, include multiple solution feature sets and can reduce time to market to stay competitive and differentiated.

Our services can function as an extended product development team for security product companies by including every phase of the product development lifecycle.

The services also encompass the integration of security into software development models, third party and platform integration between security technologies, device management, software identity management, and customized security solution development.

Our Security Engineering Services Can Help You

software product design

Design Products

Drive product management functions, such as product roadmap definition and feature planning. Requirement formalization to create detailed requirements and product specifications aligned to the roadmap. Design & architecture services to create a foundation that is robust, modular, extensible, and scalable to support product evolution. Mock-ups, UX & wireframing services to visualize the end-user experience and define product usage flow.

Software Development

Build Products

Rapid prototyping for testing initial concepts and designs, and quick iterations. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development to allow faster time-to-market and frequent pivoting (including A/B Testing), in line with lean methodology. Waterfall and Agile product and module development expertise. Testing to encompass units, functions, regression, and performance.

Software Patch Development

Fix Product Issues

Patch development to release bundled fixes including incremental and cumulative patches. Hotfixes (or emergency fixes) for specific issues that require immediate resolution without lifecycle management of a patch. Advanced troubleshooting in case of in-house L1, L2, L3 support failure.

Software Upgradation

Enhance Products

Feature management to build and rollout incremental improvements and new feature requests. Maintain backward compatibility and planned feature deprecation. Upgrade build and release management practices and module/sub-system rewrite. Product extensions and plugin framework development to enable established products improve their capabilities and interoperability with other products.

Application Design & Development

Design & Develop Apps

Product interface extensions and inter-product integrations to expand product footprint, value, and interoperability. Design and build apps to provide dashboards, reports, user actions, and data exchange between security products and app ecosystems such as IBM Security App Exchange platform and Splunk Base.

Application Integration

Exchange Data Between Products

Event normalization using parsers and transformations for event data exchange across products. Design and build services to integrate multi-vendor applications and products with Cisco pxGrid for seamless event information exchange through a publisher-subscriber model.

Aujas Security Engineering Services

Cybersecurity Ecosystem Engineering

Establish product ecosystems to make third party security products interoperable through apps and integrations

Secure Software Development

Eliminate security flaws in your software by integrating secure software practices with your software development

Custom Security Solution Development

Address your unique cybersecurity requirements with tailor-made security solutions

Device Management Platform

Scalable SaaS-based IoT solution to manage and authenticate Aadhar registered devices

100+ Million

Lines of Code Reviewed


Applications Secure


Application and Network Security Practitioners

Solution Approach

Security Software UX Design


  • Requirement engineering & architecture design.
  • UX design and wireframing.
  • Roadmap definition and product management support.
Security Software Patches & Upgrades


  • Enhancement & upgrade development and management.
  • Patch & hotfix development.
  • Product prototyping, module development, testing.
Security Software Trouble Shooting


  • Advanced troubleshooting support.
  • Product feature management through incremental improvements.
  • Enhance existing products through product extensions.
  • Plugin framework development for improved interoperability .

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