The Registered Device Management (RDM) Platform is a scalable, fully managed SaaS based IoT platform that supports both L0 and L1 complied devices for critical national identity management platforms - Aadhaar and MOSIP.

The RDM is feature rich, secure, and highly available platform to ensure device compliance, maximize device availability, and simplify device management. The fully managed platform also provides secure signing, encryption, firmware maintenance, and chip mastering services for L1 devices.

Registered Device Management Platform Features


Administration Portal

A customizable role-based portal to manage devices, monitor costs and administer registered device activities.

Secure API Integrations

Secure API Integrations

Enables safer API integrations with devices as per UIDAI specifications.

Device Key Management

Device Key Management

A management server to support device encryption key management through the Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Monitor Telemetry Data

Monitor Telemetry Data

Management server can also monitor devices and telemetry data for the devices.

Device Application Change Management

Device Application Change Management

Supports device application change management as per the guidelines mentioned by UIDAI.


Device SDK Support

Supports multiple platforms from Linux, Windows, and Android. Technical support to integrate with a fully developed RD service source code to ensure faster turnaround time. Two environments (Stage, Prod) for developers to test various possibilities before going live.


API’s for Device Registration

Management server can facilitate API process to register and deregister devices.


Robust Firmware Security

SaaS-based model ensures secure signing, encryption, and maintenance of firmware for L1 devices. The signing keys are securely managed and stored in physical HSM.

Administration Portal

Chip Provisioning

SaaS-based chip provisioning services for L1 devices such as chip identity, firmware personalization and download for chip manufacturers.


Seamless Upgrades

RDM platform has tighter integration with L1 devices, so when the platform is used with L1 devices, field upgrades become seamless.


Chip Mastering

Chip mastering services provides the server components as SAAS services to chip manufacturers for PCH certification. Chip manufacturers need to give a unique identity for every chip in L1 biometric devices before shipping them to their customers.

The services include:

  • Firmware personalization and download: To modify the initial firmware specific to a device vendor and allow it to be downloaded securely to the programming houses.
  • Chip Identity: Generates a unique chip identity with initial firmware keys.

Registered Device Management Platform Advantages

  • Simplified Device Management: Easier device management enables faster registration and deregistration of devices, software upgrades, key rotation, etc.
  • High Availability Platform has a highly available service architecture with a full DR capability. We have adopted automated DevOps practice for real-time monitoring of platform performance for high availability, usage, and scale.
  • Affordable Pricing Model: RDM Platform is offered through a flexible and affordable pricing model.
  • Multiple Device Onboarding Options: Devices can be onboarded using one-time token, device whitelisting, whitelisting from the manufacturer, etc. The devices can be onboarded anytime from the time of manufacture to when it reaches the customer environment. The onboarded devices can also be mapped to specific customers for telemetry reasons.
  • In-Built Compliance: Hardware Security Module compliant with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard, device management server regularly audited for security vulnerabilities and threats to ensure the best possible security standards.
  • Device Manufacturing Support: RDM platform designed to provision L1 device identity during the manufacturing process.
  • Reliable Technical Support Customized technical support during the integration process, portal, and email-based support after integration through automated and monitored ticketing system driven by SLA’s.

RDM platform currently supports more than 2 million devices and growing, for more than 10 leading registered L0 & L1 device manufacturers in Aadhaar ecosystem.

Tested successfully with MOSIP registered devices for both L0 and L1.

An easily implementable solution with minimal turnaround time and an option for private cloud setup for enterprise customers.

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