Maximize software security. Secure development lifecycles. Minimize security risks.

A lack of knowhow to design secure software is leading to an increase in business risks and vulnerabilities. Developers too aren’t proactive enough to identify the security threats and aware of ways to counter them.

Secure software development has security controls integrated at every stage of the lifecycle. This approach helps in identifying security weakness at early stages of development, reducing costs, rework, and exposure to risks.

Reducing risks in your software development environments

Our services can ensure your development lifecycles meet compliance, regulatory, or contractual obligations with ease and do not inherit any security vulnerabilities.

We have successfully engineered security software controls for the world’s largest biometric citizen ID program encompassing 1.2 billion identities. This program exemplifies our ability to manage and execute secure software development projects at scale, scope, and size.

Covering your end-to-end secure software development needs

Aujas’ unique blend of engineering and security expertise allows us to engage with various stakeholders, partners, and collaborators.

We can align with the executive mindset to deal with security issues and help in staying ahead of the curve. When designing security controls, we take a holistic view and start with the core requirements of the business and derive security requirements from detailed threat models.

A solution approach based on what can affect the core of your program, business, or product is designed and implemented. Our continued engagement ensures the security controls and features are architecturally sound and follow the security principles that we have laid out.

Experts in securing software development ecosystems

We can meet the evolving security needs of your software development projects and have the capabilities and experience to integrate the right security attributes to development ecosystems.

  • Highly experienced security consultants and engineers to advise and review your security and privacy requirements.
  • Capable of delivering high-performance security solutions to niche security problems and large-scale development programs.
  • Customized secured development services to meet your practice and process requirements.
  • Establish security standards and programs to secure development environments and strengthen security capabilities.