Prevent large scale, complex, coordinated DDoS attacks and secure comprised network to preserve system integrity and ensure business continuity.

DDoS attacks across the world have increased in frequency, sophistication and strength, causing significant down time and financial losses. With a high possibility of DDoS related configuration settings and thresholds being misconfigured, organisations today are unprepared to face a real-world DDoS attack. Also, existing DDoS mitigation services fail to detect or mitigate connection, cryptographic & application layer attacks.

A DDoS threat simulation service can simulate various combination of DDoS attacks and test your cyber defense in an absolutely safe and real-time environment keeping your organisation a step ahead of the attacker.

Optimal, Comprehensive and Reliable

We uncover critical risks by performing deep intelligence gathering initiative to extract insights and gain complete clarity on the nature of business risks, exploitable and vulnerable areas and the overall impact it can have across the organization. Our teams have wide expertise and experience in normalizing various categories of risks and challenges.

We can strengthen your security posture by:

  • Evaluating DDoS defense performance.
  • Optimizing defense system capabilities.
  • Enhancing operational incident response times.
  • Strengthening monitoring & instrumentation.
  • Managing third-party vendor risks.

Validate Defences, Strengthen Responses

Our DDoS simulation services are designed to detect, protect and respond to breaches across your business value chain. The objective is to assess security readiness and uncover all flaws in the infrastructure, provide a security report consisting of analysis, observation, recommendation guidelines and remediation strategies to mitigate all forms of DDoS attacks.

The service intent is to devise a defense strategy and approach tailored to your business needs, which can help you prevent, survive, and respond during an attack. Our team of experts has experience in pattern detection and mitigating anomaly detection attacks.

Attack Detection & Defense - Capability Enhancement Approach

DDoS Threat Simulation

DDoS Testing

CDN, WAF, Cloud, ISP, Appliance

Infrastructure & Application Testing

Routers, Firewalls, IPS, Load Balancers, Applications, Databases

Testing & Verification for all types of DDoS attacks

Volumetric, Connection, Cryptographic, Application

Advisory Services

Post Test Hardening

Configuration Optimization

Operational Improvement

Instrumentation, Visibility, Collaboration

Process Improvement

Best practice run book review

Vendor Selection

Bake-offs, Need Analysis, RFP/RFQ development

Continuous Validation

  • Scheduled Scenarios
  • Continual improvement of readiness and response time of people, process and technology to DDoS attacks

Rely on us to pin down the DDoS menace

Our DDoS simulation capabilities have helped secure some of the most complex and vulnerable networks, we have the experience of creating attack vectors of various sizes and test them on real time environments across a range of routing, bandwidth and delay configurations with great deal of dexterity and finesse.

Our services cover all three primary components that constitute an ideal attack scenario such as tools to generate complex attack traffic, topologies, defense libraries, scripts, and advanced techniques to develop and analyze reports.

Our capability snapshot:

  • Expertise in creating more than 150 advanced attack vectors.
  • Capacity of generating traffic over 1 Tbps.
  • Cloud servers (agents) in 140 global data centers to launch simulated attacks.
  • 200 agents capable of provisioning bandwidth of 10 GB, packet rate of 1 million/sec and 4 million TCP connections.