DDoS attack
simulation services

Securing system availability against
complex DDoS attacks

Reliable threat simulation services for DDoS attack prevention

Enhanced cyber risk prevention and compliance with cost-effective end-to- end services

Enterprises across the globe are experiencing a surge in DDoS attacks, marked by increased frequency, sophistication, and capacity, resulting in extensive downtime and financial setbacks. Many organizations face unpreparedness due to potential misconfigurations in DDoS-related settings and thresholds. Also, existing mitigation services if not tested or configured correctly, often fail to detect connection and application layer attacks and low level volumetric attacks.

Aujas Cybersecurity's DDoS threat simulation services test your cyber defense against various DDoS attack scenarios in a secure, real-time environment. We enable you to stay one step ahead of attackers by identifying and mitigating critical flaws in your IT environment


DDoS threat simulation

Threat simulation services designed to identify, protect against, and respond to breaches across your business value chain, assessing security readiness and revealing infrastructure vulnerabilities to mitigate all forms of DDoS attacks.

Advisory services

A holistic approach to enhancing post-testing cybersecurity defenses by optimizing configurations, aligning processes with best practices, and guiding vendor selection through extensive analysis and documentation.

Round-the-clock validation

Constant validation services to enhance the responsiveness of people, processes, and technology, ensuring the effectiveness and preparedness of DDoS mitigation measures

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HTTP/2 users

Use Cases


Defence control optimization

DDoS defense activation and mitigation, threshold settings optimization, and configuration parameter enhancement


Vendor capability evaluation

Assessment of service level agreement (SLEA) performance metrics, validation of capabilities against evolving threats, and assessment of detection and response effectiveness


Monitoring and instrumentation

Attack prevention with detection tools and monitoring of unsual memory. CPU, and disk usage, and suspicious application requests


Operational incident response

Linking monitoring data to attack scenarios and activating defenses in real-time for enhanced team collaboration.

Insights & Information


DDoS Resiliency:
Insights from Real-World Simulations


Aujas DDoS attack simulations