Meet security demands regardless of the number of users, applications, or data.

Legacy IAM systems are often used as IT administration tools instead of leveraging them as effective security and risk management solutions. These systems lead to unmitigated access risks, failed audits, increase in access misuse incidents, and loss of confidence in IAM programs. With the increase in attack surfaces, organizations must make the shift in viewing IAM as a critical security control. They should focus on building a risk-aware IAM approach to address security flaws and meet privacy and compliance requirements proactively.

Risk aware IAM can support your business through these advantages:

  • An integrated view of identities across applications and business functions.
  • Enhance visibility and control over system and application users.
  • Institutionalization of best practices, policies, and procedures to meet compliance needs.

Pervasive and Risk aware IAM offerings

Aujas risk-aware IAM services enhanced enterprise capability to mitigate risks, reduce threats, and ensure continuous compliance by enforces policies need to drive business processes. The service intent is to transform legacy IAM solutions to make them risk-aware. Transformation also includes establishing relevant policies and procedures to drive risk-based authentication methods and ensure the right user access.

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Risk Aware IAM Transformation – Aujas Methodology

  • Integrated access reviews with provisioning.
  • Rapid app integration with identity and governance platform to eliminate silos.
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD) definition and control setup.
  • Role encapsulation.
  • Compliance specific controls and reports.

Risk-aware IAM is a crucial imperative for businesses while adopting newer technologies to sustain a competitive edge and deliver better value to customers. When organizations grow, their infrastructure is bound to scale and can have diverse users and access points. They want greater agility in securing user access and credentials to reduce operational complexity and ensure compliance.

Aujas offers services and solutions for organizations of various size and scale enabling them to accommodate the dynamic growth of user access and identities.

Rapid IAG Kickstarter
IAM Compliance Alignment
Large Scale App Onboarding (Robotics Driven)

Applicable Industry Segment

  • Meant for small and mid market businesses
  • New and exploring IAM adopter
  • Designed for mid market and large enterprises
  • Existing IAM user solution in place
  • Designed and optimized for large enterprises
  • Mature user of legacy IAM systems
  • Focus on digital transformation and modernization


  • Provides a foundation to stand the IAM program upon
  • Quick and interim regulatory compliance
  • Leverage IAM for compliance with SOC II, OCC, SOX, FINRA, GDPR and similar regulations
  • Strengthen security posture, mitigate access risk
  • Quick and cost effective removal of disconnected apps siloes
  • Cut cost of repeated audits & manual errors and omissions
  • Achieve continuous compliance


  • IAM Policies and Procedures
  • Base IAM platform – Provisioning, Governance, PIM and 2FA.
  • Integrate key apps
  • Support services
  • Integrated modern Access Governance tech (if not already present)
  • SOD – define and control
  • Privileged Risk Control
  • Compliance specific preventive and compensating controls, reports
  • System Access Profiling Engine
    • Self service and guided mode
  • Application Integration Factory
  • Robotics and Automation
    • Configuration Build
    • Systems Operations

Solution Approach:



Aujas SoD Modeler

Aujas SoD modeling solution helps businesses through a built-in list of toxic combinations to meet security compliance needs. It also supports multiple use cases such as:

  • SoD matrix based on business roles (for applications integrated with IAG).
  • SoD matrix based on entitlements (for applications not integrated with IAG).
  • SoD matrix based on business processes (for process-based cross-application SOD).

Comprehensive services to effectively manage your IAM security challenges

Aujas Risk-aware IAM services can enable you to deploy transformative solutions which can strengthen access governance and are scalable to your process and business needs.

  • Automate access request workflows and check Segregation of Duties (SoD).
  • Centralize user authentication, including provisioning and de-provisioning of users.
  • Meet regulatory requirements through multifactor authentication and ensure secure access.
  • Context-aware services to prevent oversight and protect data.
  • Protect your infrastructure and mitigate business risks.