Rapidly build apps and integrations. Allow your internal product teams to focus on core competencies.

Cybersecurity product ecosystems are needed to meet the interoperability requirements of multiple custom-built or third-party security products. These products often function in a silo and do not allow data exchange between them. Apps and integrations are needed to ensure these products function as one cohesive solution. Internal product development teams in organizations are finding it difficult to scale up and meet these needs. They also have resource bandwidth issues to build apps & integrations and release products to general availability.

Aujas - Engineers of your product ecosystem

Aujas engineers can devise solutions from a security practitioner and an end-user perspective. They can rapidly accelerate the definition of relevant use cases and establish a prioritized roadmap of features for third party integrations.

We also nurture an engineering excellence lab having multiple versions of common cybersecurity platforms and third-party products. The lab purpose is to ensure apps and integrations function across various security product ecosystems and platforms.

Our ecosystem engineering services:

  • Product interface extensions and inter-product integrations to expand product footprint, value, and interoperability.
  • Drive data exchange integrations involving parsers and transformations, using protocols such as Syslog, JSON, etc.
  • Design and build UI based apps having graphs, charts, tables, dashboards, and reports. Other app features include user actions for response and data exchange between security products and app ecosystems such as IBM Security App Exchange platform and Splunkbase.
  • AMC services for apps and integrations to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Delivering excellence through optimized product development

Aujas can help you set up a security app and integrator development ecosystems. We have proven expertise in managing in the entire product value chain, from requirements gathering, design, development, testing, to support.

Our experts can design and operationalize fit-for-purpose product integration initiatives to compress delivery timelines.

You can leverage three delivery models to suit your business needs and constraints. These models can accelerate product launch cycles, lower cost of ownership, reduce risk, and provide long-term sustainable value.

Dedicated Engineering Center

  • Resources and systems dedicated to build and validate app and integrations.
  • Product development expertise aligned to best practices of product development.
  • Transparent and efficient processes to meet deadlines and deliver on budget.
  • Collaborate with your product development teams to accommodate project scope changes.

Hybrid Delivery Model

  • High productivity levels since work happen round the clock and across time zones.
  • Experience cost efficiencies and quicker provisioning of resources.
  • Engagement can happen continuously through a dedicated engineering center, while other integrations can be on an ad hoc or need basis.

Project Based Delivery Model

  • Standalone projects for integrations and app developments.
  • Projects delivered through a flexible, adaptive project delivery approach either through a waterfall or agile model.
  • Controlled development environment to drive reliability and predictability across lifecycle while delivering speed-to-value and reduce risk.

Maximizing value for customers

There is a growing demand in organizations to reduce development time, optimize performance, enhance delivery quality and create products with exceptional functionalities.

To meet these needs, we have built a strong security product engineering discipline to manage product development efforts of organizations from the stages of ideation to delivery.

We can also bind your expectations with our capabilities to deliver apps and integrations critical for your business success.

Our key engagement objectives:

Cost Savings in Application Development

Decrease Time to Market

Quickly respond to customer needs, overcome delivery uncertainties by developing the right solution through experienced cybersecurity professionals.

Excellence in Software Operations

Operational Excellence

Strong track record of achieving system interoperability across a host of new third-party software.

Software Application Integrations

Enhanced Agility

Proven expertise to develop best in class app and integrations within short time spans and budgetary constraints.

Core Competence Focus

Preserve Competence Bandwidth

Help you focus on core product areas instead of focusing on non-product work.

Software Service Delivery

Experience Scale and Value on-demand

Drive continuous product enhancements and quick releases, scale resources, and choose delivery models based on changing business needs.