Strengthen incident detection. Isolate security incidents. Automate and speed up response capabilities.

There is an increasing challenge in organizations to meet their security goals due to manual, time intensive tasks. Teams work in a silo and find it hard to function as one cohesive unit to actively orchestrate security initiatives and demands. Cumbersome manual processes also contribute to the delays in approvals and remediations. Few other challenges include manual and incorrect incident prioritization and delays in remediation due to manual handover to different teams.

Effective Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) solutions automate security operations and integrate security tools and systems to streamline the security process, enabling optimal outcomes.

SOAR helps in customizing workflows for your team and ensures more collaboration opportunities between teams. You can also accelerate security programs and maximize efficiencies by reducing Mean Time to Detect and Respond while mitigating risks.

Orchestrate and automate processes, ensure faster incident response

Aujas SOAR capabilities can help you to unify dissimilar security technologies and drive threat analysis and remediate processes through standardized workflows. Our SOAR platform is an effective combination of security orchestration and automation, security incident response, and threat intelligence platform capabilities. You can experience enhanced security operations such as AI-driven threat detection and response support to security analysts to identify flaws and exploits.

SOAR Overview


  • Integrated security solutions for automated remediation.
  • Integrated threat intelligence and incident enrichment.
  • Interactive drilldown investigations.
  • Referenceable knowledge creation.
  • Optimized Mean Time to Detect and Mean Time to Respond.


  • A. Find and prioritize critical threats
    • Based on business context and threat intelligence enrichment.
  • B. Reduce manual tasks
    • By automating security investigations and orchestrating tools.
  • C. Integrate security and IT
    • Through a single platform for collaboration and accountability.

SOAR to maximize security effectiveness

Aujas approach to SOAR implementation is to increase the efficiency of your SOC analysts and empower security teams to function at optimal levels. Our SOAR platform can help you overcome resource shortages, measure and improvise incident response abilities, standardized processes, and automate manual, repetitive security tasks.

SOAR Approach

  • Incident handling & analysis.
  • Incident containment, eradication, & recovery.
  • Incident response coordination.
  • Knowledge base creation and reference in incident management.
  • Run book creation & automation.
  • SIEM API Integration, technology configuration testing, and automation.
  • Ingest security alerts from multiple sources to a single case management system and enable a single queue.
  • Add contextual metadata for actionable alerts and optimize the functioning of SOC responders.
  • Stack alerts into a single case based on objects and time window to reduce the signal to noise ratio.
  • Automate actions such as send e-mail, create a ticket, reset the password, disable a VM, block an IP address through scripts that initiate processes in other tools and systems.

Cyberattacks are increasing, and organizations need a reliable platform to govern and streamline incident detection and response functions. Aujas SOAR platform can help your organization with sophisticated and robust incident management functions. The platform can empower security teams to measure risks, prioritize security operations, and asses your security posture, enabling you to take effective security decisions.

Engage with Aujas for your SOAR needs

  • Aujas has the privilege of engaging with customers from different industry verticals and has the experience, skills, and technology partnerships to deliver the right SOAR solution.
  • Dedicated Security Engineering Practice to seamlessly integrate unsupported, disparate security solutions.
  • Collaboration with multiple OEM partners to meet SOAR requirements.
  • Vast experience of running hosted SOC for multiple customers.
  • Real time experience of contextualizing automation requirements based on business needs.