Control access to data. Effectively manage digital identities.

Organizations that design and implement IAM programs should comply with security regulations such as SOX, GLBA, NYDFS, SAMA, and DSCI.

By meeting these standards, organizations can establish data access controls and mitigate access risks. Protecting identity and access is a business imperative to reduce data leak risks and can secure information assets even when data access points proliferate.

IAM services can:

  • Enable enterprises to manage access risks by governing access control lifecycles and administration of digital identities.
  • Dynamically define roles, automate data authorization, and access.
  • Reduce operational costs, mitigate risks while managing large amounts of data & identities across geographic locations.

Identity governance solutions to meet your business demands

Aujas Identity Governance Fast Track is a bundled solution offering which can ensure a strong foundation for enterprise IAM initiatives. This solution can drastically cut planning and deployment times for initial IAM deployments.

Solution components:

  • Plug and play IAM policy and procedure toolkits.
  • Seamlessly integration with multiple standards & HRMS systems.
  • Non-employee account modules.
  • Easily configurable approval workflow templates.
  • Ensure common alerts and essential report sets.

Meet your IAM compliance requirements quickly

Aujas provides a fast track two-staged approach to achieve access & identity governance goals. This approach provides a modular and flexible method for building the very foundation of a robust and secure IAM program. The approach is also extendable to IAM provisioning, automation, and other operational functionalities as and when required.

Rapid deployment access governance solution

Stages of IAM Quick start

The access governance solution has advanced capabilities to drive access governance and identity lifecycle management needs. The governance engine correlates user data and organization’s policies for role assignment, consolidates user access and can compute policy violations. The governance portal also has an intuitive, business-focused interface. Along with access governance, the solution has automation and role mining capabilities offered through the identify lifecycle module.

Strengthen IAM foundation, protect identities and data

We have perfected the art of rapidly deploying IAM solutions by leveraging a range of accelerators and automation frameworks. Our experts can collaborate with you and quickly focus on the relevant areas needed to build a strong IAM foundation. This includes ensuring data protection, privacy governance, and legislative compliance and meeting customer expectations.

Outcomes you can experience:

  • Comprehensive governance of access controls across business functions.
  • Transform IAM through preventive and detective controls, onboard apps, and ensure continuous audit readiness.
  • Service capabilities to move IAM to the cloud and manage cloud-based workloads.
  • Decentralized access control solutions for microservices; these solutions are based on open protocols and built for scale & interoperability.