Hunt threats through swift intrusion detection and response solutions customized to your risk management needs. Monitor possible attacks and track incidents to protect your technology infrastructure.

Attackers are constantly improving their breach abilities through various disguises such as crypto jacking, polymorphism, and encryption to have their malicious presence within weak security environments. Sophisticated malware and ransomwares have wreaked havoc across the world and there is an imminent need in organizations to have complete visibility of their internal and external security landscapes.

Managed Threat Management Services help you:

  • To harness threat intelligence, analyze all probabilities of incident cause, monitor security 24x7 and hunt for threats before they can attack
  • Build a cost effective Security Operations Center (SOC) which is compliant to industry standards and driven by a skilled team to detect and defend against threat and intrusions
  • Reduce operational complexities and costs, discover threats early and improve defense and response potencies
  • Meet regulatory compliance standards such as PCI DSS, federal regulations of RBI, SEBI, data protection act and statutory and regulatory requirements for internal audit

Threat management offerings to protect your security landscape

Aujas Threat Management Services helps clients manage threats & vulnerabilities through vulnerability management frameworks and proactively identifying known and unknown threats to predict, detect and neutralize threats in advance.

We also have innovated an automated threat-hunting platform to gather context aware intelligence from external and internal sources to bolster your security defenses. The platform has Hadoop, Big Data & R as analytics tools to identify frauds, thefts and misuse of any licenses.

Platform highlights:

Heuristic Approach

  • Rule based decision engine
  • Capable of exploring various hypotheses & validations
  • Driven by machine learning methodologies

Algorithm based pattern matching

  • Framework for automated tracking and monitoring
  • Anomaly detection using advanced machine learning
  • Auto-alerts for investigations with minimal false alarms

Feedback Loop Mechanism

  • Adaptive learning for unknown threats
  • Process Improvement through continuous feedback

Our core capabilities in threat management:

  • VMS Strategy and Framework Design: Vulnerability management framework aligned to business goals and risk profile
  • Vulnerability Program Management: Analytics driven vulnerability management through an automated security analytics and visualization platform
  • Network Security Testing: Consulting and advisory support & recommendations to fix security issues in infrastructure,systems, databases, servers and network devices
  • External Threat Simulation: Continuous validation through scheduled test scenarios to enhance defense preparedness,detection mechanisms and operational responses
  • Threat Hunting, Detection & Response: Advanced threat hunting techniques, intelligence feeds and malware analysis to gather indicator of compromises (IoCs) which may lead to APTs or breach
  • Software Composition Analysis: Detect vulnerabilities in open source code libraries to ensure compliance and reduce license misuse risks

Intelligent threat detect and response capabilities to shield your business

We have five core competencies to address specific needs of threat mitigation. The objective is to transform your existing security posture through customized security services, enhancing detection speeds, hunt and response times.



Collection, optimization and enrichment of threat intelligence



Understand cyber threats with context of the environment and business



Proactive detection of active, serious threats targeting your networks



Eliminate manual processes and streamline investigation and response



Secure threat sharing via trusted circles, ISACs and ISAOs

MS Focus Areas:

Indicators of Compromise (IoCManagement)

Hunt Mission Searches

Threat Intelligence Analysis

Observable Threat Lookups

Reporting & Visualization

Incident & Event Enrichment

Next Gen Security Operations Centre for end-to-end security visibility

Aujas also offers SOC maturity assessment and optimization services to align SOC’s to business and threat profiles, meet compliance needs and combat advanced threats. The focus is to transition existing SOC from reactive security to a proactive threat management, detection and response center.

Important functions and uses of next gen SOC include:

  • Toolsets with Big Data and integrated with national agencies and global CERTs
  • Anticipate and Identify of new and unknown threats
  • Tighter integration with behaviour analytics, forensics and threat intelligence communities
  • Proactive alerts for financial frauds and violations in business processes
  • Automated response run books, real live simulations and incident management framework automated by workflow, collaboration and intelligence tools
  • Customized risk and threat aligned use cases modelled as per kill chain model along with analytical reporting and visualization

Deceive attacks, Remove infrastructure vulnerabilities, Protect your assets

We realize every organization’s security needs are different and an optimized security operations model is critical to drive threat management plans that can manage every possible security risk and compliance. Our team of experts can continuously monitor your security posture and protect your intellectual property, infrastructure, critical assets, and brand reputation.

Our resource capability brief:

  • Transform existing SOC and retain advanced correlation capabilities, integrate tactical intelligence through STIX/TAXII protocols,improve workflow capability for incident escalation, tracking and reporting
  • Security Analytics and Visualization platform to automate vulnerability management processes, remediation workflow and provide vulnerability intelligence
  • CoE (Center of Excellence) driven approach to align experts and provide security support globally
  • RSA archer based solutions for effective data security and privacy management