Cloud adoption is crucial for organizations aiming to succeed in a digital economy. Our experts can help organizations moving to the cloud by identifying the to-be state to design the cloud architecture, specify technologies, design implementation roadmap, and integrate the security technologies into infrastructure, development, and operations processes.

Our cloud security foundation services can help you to:

  • Design a secure reference architecture that enables a layered defense.
  • Select the right tools for infrastructure and application security, along with their deployment strategies.
  • Automate and orchestrate cloud services.
  • Define guard rails, security and privacy compliance requirements.
  • Formulate the security testing approach for cloud assets.

Fuel digital transformation. Increase protection from threats.

The initiative to implement a robust cloud security foundation begins by understanding your digital transformation goals, identify security and privacy requirements, define the end state, develop and implement the security architecture and guard rails.

Aujas approach also ensures:

  • Cloud risk strategy aligns with the digital strategy.
  • Security guard rails are in place.
  • Frequent evaluation of security measures.
  • Security technologies get adequately designed, deployed, managed and evolved.
  • Defense-in-depth strategy to protect data and information.

Enterprise class cloud security services to safeguard your business

The need to rapidly migrate to cloud environments due to digital transformation is leading to challenges such as inconsistent security policy enforcements, compliance, and controls. Aujas cloud security foundation services can enable you to make a secure transition to cloud by ensuring appropriate configuration, controls, and policies.

Key advantages of our cloud security services include:

  • Comprehensive cloud security automation experience at scale.
  • Ensure a consistent approach through standardized tools, scripts, and methodologies.
  • Customized cloud security solutions based on your business context and requirements.
  • Proven cloud and tool neutral engineering capabilities to avoid lock-ins.