Identity and Access Management (IAM) services enable organizations to define, develop, implement, and automate information access controls and privileges. IAM ensures only authorized individuals have access to the right data at the right time, for the right reasons.

Aujas Managed IAM solutions help you resolve access risk management challenges by protecting your organization’s critical IT systems, data, and applications from unauthorized access.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services To Help You

IAM Automation

Drive Automation

Ensure faster audits, meet compliance needs, enable rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of users, provide time-based user access, tighten security measures, reduce costs and spend less time manually modifying and syncing information.

IAM Coverage

Enhance Coverage

Leverage robots to manage a continuous stream of access requests, oversee surge in user identities, meet digital identity needs and ensure quality and consistency through rule-based processes.

IAM Cloud

Security Design

Simplify identity management, strengthen application security through multifactor authentication, improve access through SSO feature, and seamlessly manage user lifecycles.

IAM Consumer Identities

Manage Consumer Identities

Protect consumer data across networks, meet regulatory needs, drive personalized customer experiences, manage identities at scale, improve business decisions, and strengthen competitive advantage.

IAM Risk Based Approach

Establish Risk-Based Approach

Validate internal and external user activities, enforce policies across collaboration channels, enable secure user transactions, unify various identities, protect applications and streamline identity management.

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Aujas Identity and Access Management Capabilities

Robotics Driven IAM

Run and build IAM using robots, increase IAM coverage and drive automation


Transform IAM using preventive and detective controls, ensure audit readiness


Robotic solutions to rapidly deploy and manage privileged access controls

IAM Access Governance Quickstart

Fast track access governance by cutting IAM planning and deployment time

IAM Cloud SSO Quickstart

Single set user credentials & two-factor authentication to protect business applications

1 Million

User Identities & Accesses Successfully Integrated


IAM Projects


Custom Enhancements Developed to Integrate Applications

IAM for Trusted User Access Beyond Boundaries

Identity and Access Management services enable in the creation of identities for individuals and managing of privilege rights to critical assets based on their roles in the organization. Administrators leverage tools and technologies to track user roles and activities while enforcing policies to govern user access across the enterprise. Single Sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication are the two most common systems used in IAM.

Single Sign-on provides user authentication to multiple applications, systems, and data without having to log in to each of them individually. Multi-Factor Authentication is a combination of verification mechanisms such as passwords, security tokens, fingerprints, etc. used to authenticate individuals before granting access.

IAM systems can streamline operational efficiencies by giving secured network access to your business partners, customers, and third-party vendors through on-premise, mobile apps, and SaaS tools, without any security compromise.

By providing secured access, you can ensure enhanced productivity and collaboration while enabling better business value. Identity and access control can reduce internal and external breaches helping you align with stringent regulatory policies to maintain compliance.

Functional Benefits of IAM

  • Centralized IAM systems can ensure stricter data access controls and also enables secure storage and maintenance.
  • Firmer control over employee internal and external access to data mitigate serious security threats and data leaks.
  • Automated employee data access control and authorization based on their role change, Eg. granting or removing access based on employee role.
  • Better outcomes through clearer role definitions, identity classification, and allocation to relevant applications.

Common Areas of IAM Implementation

  • Employee Data Management: Define and identify users for directory and system access, add/modify/delete users based on roles and employee database management
  • Password Management: Manage tools and workflows involved in managing passwords, integrate login systems to streamline password management
  • User Rights Management: Manage user access right to data, define access controls, track user activity, enforce policies, drive audits to report login attempts, system, and data usage

IAM Solution Approach

IAM Solution Design


  • Conceptualize IAM governance framework.
  • Evaluate IAM readiness and devise roadmap.
  • Identify IAM technologies and select the product.
  • Drive IAM architecture design.
IAM Implementation


  • Establish access governance services.
  • Ensure ubiquitous identity.
  • Drive digital access & identity management.
  • Transform & integrate through SSO.
  • Deploy privileged access & identity management.
IAM Sustenance


  • Set up audits and benchmarking initiatives.
  • Ensure faster incident resolution.
  • Enhance and optimize IAM solutions.
  • Streamline IAM operations and continuously evolve IAM solutions.

Identity and Access Management is a critical business imperative and a crucial enabler in reducing the possibilities of data breaches by allowing only authorized and genuine user access. IAM controls can ensure only key user roles have access to specific sections of data, platforms, and systems. The controls can also restrict the broadcast of data, allowing users only to create, append, or delete it.

IAM solutions can be customized based on your organization’s security policies and implemented precisely based on various roles, and the access privileges users should have towards systems, data, and business applications.

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