Aujas’ Identity and Access Management (IAM) services enable organizations to define, develop, implement, and automate information access controls and privileges. It ensures only authorized individuals have access to the right data at the right time and for the right reasons.

Implementing an IAM solution requires planning and strategic focus. The process involves audit of existing and legacy systems, deciding which systems to integrate, mapping out all user types and access scenarios; solution needs to be scalable, secure, easy to automate and implementation must meet compliance obligations.

However, many organizations aren’t sure where to start.

Being a market leader in the IAM space, Aujas understands this pain and analyzes an organization’s IAM requirements from a business perspective, defines a clear IAM vision, and ensures cost-effective implementation and use of the IAM solution.

Aujas’ Managed IAM solutions offer a range of services and solutions for pre-existing and greenfield IAM programs to resolve access risk management challenges while protecting the organization’s critical IT systems, data, and applications from unauthorized access.

Aujas has partnered with leading IAM vendors in the industry to offer organizations the best-fit solution. The solution offerings include comprehensive end-to-end services for the entire IAM program lifecycle. The strategic planning phase is followed by solution implementation delivered through a hybrid delivery model.

Aujas Identity and Access Management Capabilities


Services for IAM starters To rapidly kick start IAM programs, successfully clear pending audits, and build a robust, scalable IAM foundation.


Services for evolving programs For IAM and security leaders to rapidly enhance and realize the IAM vision that grows with business.


Services for early adopters To transform and modernize the IAM program from an IT admin tool to a business enabler.

100 Million+

User Identities & Accesses Successfully Integrated


IAM Projects


Custom Enhancements Developed to Integrate Applications

IAM Foundation Services


Role and Access Control Framework

Accelerator enabled services to establish role framework and access control model while providing a strong foundation for a robust IAM program.


Identity Governance Fast Track

Time & scope bound packaged solution to rapidly setup an IAM environment for business users.


Privileged IAM Fast Track

Time & scope bound solution to rapidly setup an IAM environment for Admins.


Cloud SSO + 2FA Fast Track

Packaged solution and services for quick, effective yet simple access controls with AD linkage and 2Factor Authentication.


IAM Foundation Scaleup Plan

Blueprint, readiness assessment, and roadmap for IAM program designed for leadership teams.

IAM Optimization Services


IAM Application Onboarding

To rapidly increase the footprint of IAM solutions by integrating and protecting heterogenous apps.


User Experience Enhancement

Custom UI/UX development for web, mobile and emerging online channels using natural language and chat bots.


Identity Analytics

Data analysis with SIEM to provide bundled reports, detective, descriptive and predictive analytics.


Service Desk Co-existence & Integration

IAM integration with service desk in master slave or slave master modes. Unify user access request methods.


All in One – IAM Managed

One stop shop for all IAM needs, client manages vision and strategy while we execute and operate IAM services.

IAM Transformation Services


Robotics Driven IAM

Leverage Robotics to maximize IAM coverage and enable automation. Run and build IAM using robots.


Risk Aware IAM

Transform IAM with preventive and detective controls. Onboard apps ensure continuous audit readiness.


PAM for DevOps

Secure DevOps program with secrets & credential Management. Secure APIs and Microservices by leveraging central Identity fabric.


IAM Product Refresh and Migrations

Accelerator driven, semi auto method for config extract and migration for product changes􀀀(forced /strategic).


Consumer IAM for Microservices

Advanced Access Management Services for modern Services and legacy systems using OAuth & OIDC federated setups.


IAM Cloud Transformation

Services and solutions for moving IAM to cloud and manage cloud based workloads.

Benefits of Aujas IAM Services


Drive Automation

Ensures faster audits, meet compliance needs, enable rapid provisioning and de-provisioning of users, provide time-based user access, tighten security measures, reduce costs and spend less time in manual modifications and syncing of information.


Enhance Coverage

Leverages robots to manage a continuous stream of access requests, oversee surge in user identities, meet digital identity needs and ensure quality and consistency through rule-based processes.


Transform to Cloud

Simplify identity management, strengthen application security through multifactor authentication, improve access through SSO feature, and seamlessly manage user lifecycles.


Manage Consumer Identities

Protect consumer data across networks, meet regulatory needs, drive personalized customer experiences, manage identities at scale, improve business decisions, and strengthen competitive advantage.


Establish Risk-Based Approach

Validate internal and external user activities, enforce policies across collaboration channels, enable secure user transactions, unify various identities, protect applications and streamline identity management.

Read the Frost and Sullivan Whitepaper - Robotics Driven Automation for Smarter IAM Solutions

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