Combat insider threats. Establish security privileges across managed systems and data sources.

Be it a need to comply with security regulations or to take back control of unconstrained admin access rights, Privileged Identity Management (PIM) services can help in meeting compliance requirements and reduce security risks without affecting operations. PIM can also help enforce role-based controls across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures.

Privileged Identity Management solutions can

  • Offer a scalable and tamper-proof environment to counter any sophisticated insider or outsider threat.
  • Automate tracking and provisioning of access, reduce manual interventions, and quickly meet compliance standards.
  • Monitor user activity and maintain searchable audit trails.


Privileged Identity Management provides the most effective solution to manage superuser accounts across the organization. Leadership teams and members of senior management may have administrative privileges and access to the organization’s sensitive information. Such rights and access need close monitoring and adequate controls to avoid any compromise.

Whether on-site or remote, Privileged Identity Management ensures unique assignment of identity and privileges for each user so that they can only access information within their privilege limits, including the type of action that can be taken by each account.

The difference between PIM, PAM, and IAM

PIM, PAM, and IAM are acronyms often heard interchangeably. These terms represent different security facets that work together for the protection of data and information across the organization.

Identity Access Management (IAM) pertains to each individual in the network who has a unique identity that can be tracked and managed. Privileged Identity Management (PIM) focuses on the privileges assigned to different identities, usually set by IT teams or System Administrators. Privileged Access Management (PAM) is the final layer that approves the level of access and the type of information a privilege can retrieve.

Privileged Identity Management helps in monitoring unregulated areas of IAM. IAM helps protect the overall network, while PIM keeps privileged Identities in check and confirms those with administrative rights does not indulge in privilege misuse.

Privileged Identity Management – A critical security need

Every unmanaged account is a potential vulnerability for the organization. All users must be identifiable and actively checked for appropriate system privileges.

Lack of Privileged Identity Management controls can heighten risks and misuse of access permissions on highly classified data and resources. A former employee may continue to access sensitive information, a malicious actor may find and silently use an abandoned account, or current employees might take unauthorized actions.

Privileged Identity Management safeguards an organization against accidental resource disruptions from a user who mistakenly finds sensitive data or an unwanted hacker searching for further access.

Manage Privileged Identity Management needs, Meet compliance demands

Aujas Fast track Solutions for Privileged Identity Management brings in accountability for shared and administrative access while increasing operational efficiency. The solutions can empower security teams to comply with regulations, drive best practices for managing administrative access, and prevent insider breach by power users.  

The solutions can scale to address the needs of a small server room to large global data centers. Services for Privileged Identity Management include:

  • Development of policies and procedures for the PIM program.
  • Design and deployment of Privileged Identity Management solutions.
  • Deployment of SSH key management.
  • Migration of agent-based Privileged Identity Management solution to access broker solutions.
  • Rapid deployment and management of solutions for privileged access control using robotics.

Valuable offerings

  • Privilege and credential theft protection.
  • Credential and session management.
  • Server protection.
  • Domain controller protection.
  • Secrets management for apps & tools.

Services to solidify identity governance and prevent misuse

The Privileged Identity Management Fast Track program help in strengthening the governance of loosely managed privileged accounts, which otherwise gets misused due to credential sharing among insiders. These programs guarantee end-to-end access management of privileged or super accounts and fortify them against misuse and attacks.

Fast Track program features:

  • Manage shared IDs across multiple devices across wide area networks.
  • Ensure accountability of shared IDs among power users.
  • Eliminate multiple IDs and passwords.
  • Dashboards and reports to gain access visibility.
  • Workflow-based ID request approvals.
  • Activity logs through video recording of sessions.
  • Monitor access attempts from multiple locations.

Cost-effective, scalable services for your identity management needs

Aujas leverages the access broker approach to minimize disruptions in target systems. Additionally, robotic interventions can rapidly enhance the reach of Privileged Identity Management solutions. Our experts have the expertise of setting up PIM for very large-scale environments (over 100,000 endpoints) and small, sensitive environments.

Engagement benefits

  • Governance team of various stakeholders to facilitate a common PIM vision.
  • Quick inventory analysis and rapid integration.
  • Reduce audit costs and ambiguities in access privileges.
  • Advanced solutions for SSH key management and cloud PIM.
  • Hybrid delivery model for continuous project execution.
  • Modular project delivery to mitigate risks.
  • User tracking through video recordings.