Speed up your IAM App
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PALM: The New Approach To Integrate Apps

Our wizard-driven solution simplifies the application integration process and speeds up onboarding
by as much as 75% vs. traditional approaches.

About Aujas’ Platform for Access Lifecycle Management (PALM)

Aujas’ PALM is a home-grown accelerator built to provide a refreshingly simple and automated way of integrating Apps. It encapsulates the vision of automating everything that can be automated – be it requirement collection, analysis, processing of role and access data, and writing code and configuration to integrate the applications with popular IAM products like CA IDM, RSA, SailPoint, among others.

Core Features
of Aujas PALM


Automated Application Integration Factory

Streamline your application integration process and gain productivity and effectively managing time, effort, and expensive resources.


Web-Based Wizard-Driven Portal

Rapidly configure role structures, approvers, workflows, and other system details in one centralized location.


Automation of data analysis tasks 

Uncover useful insights and identify potential risks related to role definition errors, SOD violations, and unsecure configurations.


Automatic Generation Of Codes 

Instantly access ready-made codes via hassle-free import or APIs to ensure quick and efficient implementation.


Web-Based Process 

The conversion of excel documents to a web-based platform allows for more efficiency and easier access.


Interactive Dashboard

Get smarter with decisions by leveraging this powerhouse of analytics to track progress and identify and address any problem areas effectively.


Rapid Onboarding

Achieve a rationalized process that puts the control in the hands of security managers to monitor activity on all systems with precision.

Experience the Power of Automation

What's in it for you

Unified and Centralized Portal

A single platform for managing access to all applications and data instead of managing access through a patchwork of point solutions.

No code approach

Eliminate tedious hours spent coding and move straight on to utilizing this innovative platform for its full potential!

Workflow driven

PALM offers workflow-driven integrations, resulting in application and data access is determined by how the business functions rather than by how the applications are built.

75% faster App Integration

PALM allows you to rapidly integrate your IGA system with other applications, thus increasing efficiency and speed.

Audit-ready integrations

PALM offers audit-ready integrations, meaning that your organization can quickly and easily audit who has access to what data and when.


Secured, Fully-Automated Yet
Simplified Solution For Faster App Integration Without High Costs

  • PALM offering is available as an accelerator enabled professional service. You don’t need to buy or invest in a new tool or technology. Our professional service includes the PALM platform.
  • The one-time factory setup is performed to configure PALM in line with the organization’s environment either on the cloud or on-premises.

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