Remove manual interventions through less complex, low-risk automation solutions.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) programs are increasingly getting automated; this helps in faster integration with the business along with enhanced operational efficiency and improved cost management. The legacy way of using product-level connectors or adaptors are expensive and complicated. By leveraging robotics, organizations can automate and link IAM tasks to resolve the increasing number of user identity and access requests. Robotic IAM services can replicate human actions at scale while automating rule-based, repetitive processes, and eliminating human errors.

Robotic driven IAM services have a significant edge:

  • Simulate actions like humans through automation.
  • Centralize processes to meet audit compliance needs.
  • Reduce attacks risks by strengthening the overall security and risk posture.
  • Release resource bandwidth by allowing IAM teams to focus on more strategic business tasks.

Protect Identities, Secure Access

Aujas Robotic IAM services are delivered by automating tasks and transform the way you manage, monitor and control access and identity privileges. We have developed unique capabilities to drive IAM programs through robots to automatically generate IAM system configurations.

You can also avail ready-to-go use case templates for a range of IAM operations and work with leading IAM vendor products.

Advantages of Robotic IAM initiatives from Aujas

  • Automatically generate the IAM system configuration based on application details.
  • Eliminate repeat coding tasks.
  • Automate routine, repetitive tasks.
  • A robust robotic governance framework to drive robotic driven IAM initiatives through effective process design and technology components.
  • Integrated platform features include Generic Account Management and Privileged Account Management (PAM) to protect bot credentials and to log and monitor bot activities, Segregation of Duties (SoD) between a bot and business owners, and a toolkit to integrate with IAM solutions.

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Automation for Smarter IAM Solutions

Service Offerings

User Identity Management
  • Identify and remediate orphans, terminations, transfer
  • Reconcile user accounts and accesses
  • Identify and remediate orphans, terminations, transfer
  • Periodic distribution of reports
  • Privileged Identity Management
  • Periodic password rotation and validation
  • Discovery and inventory accounts
  • Monitor account usage
  • Report distribution
  • Access Certification
  • Access data collection
  • Run access data sign-off process
  • Prepare data for certification
  • Report distribution
  • Launch post campaign activities
  • Closed loop revocation
  • IAM Infrastructure Management
  • Maintain periodic back up and cleanup
  • Scheduled maintenance of applications and servers
  • Monitor SSL certificates for renewals
  • Regularly monitor heap, syslog, and connections
  • Solutioning approach to suit your business

    Robotics driven IAM is a disruptive, scalable, transformation focused service that can be customized to meet varying business context and requirements.

    How we execute Robotic IAM:

    • Review automation objectives and the need to build IAM systems using robots.
    • Setup of IAM integration factory.
    • Establish use cases for automation of IAM Operations using robotics.
    • Design RPA IAM integration architecture & Robotics Identity Management Framework.
    • Devise robotics driven managed services for IAM with the transition from human serviced to bot serviced tickets.
    • Leverage custom developed automation frameworks along with other standard frameworks offered by UiPath, BluePrism, PyRobot, SailPoint IIQ, AzureAD, IBM IGI, and RSA Via L&G.

    Digital identity capabilities to modernize your IAM initiatives

    Aujas has developed unique offerings combining the power of Robotics with IAM to automate legacy IAM solutions. We follow a modular approach and can work with leading IAM and RPA technology vendors to help you succeed in IAM transformation projects.

    Our Integrated Robotic IAM platform advantages:

    • Total visibility and smarter management of access and identity rights across business functions.
    • Access to a simple user interface to streamline and accelerate decisions related to permission rights.
    • Ensures improved transparency and management of access requests and identity privileges.
    • Orchestrate the integration of identity governance and administration, access privilege management, and identity management.
    • Integrate seamlessly into digital transformation, change management, or any transition initiatives across the organization.