India has launched the account aggregator ecosystem to make financial data sharing across various institutions easy and transparent. This will help financial organizations to launch innovative services and empower customers to digitally access and share their financial data in a secure and efficient manner.

To become a part of the Account Aggregator ecosystem, participant organizations such as FIP, FIU and AAs will need to adhere to ReBIT guidelines for API & functional flow.

The e-guide developed by Aujas security experts will familiarize, assist and facilitate you to seamlessly onboard Account Aggregator Framework.

About Saksham from Aujas

Saksham is an automated self-assessment and API certification kit that can check and validate FIPs, FIUs, & AAs for API specifications and functional flow compliance, including completeness of implementation. Saksham can enable you to meet the certification criteria and compliance requirements quickly. You can learn more about Saksham here.