Stay one step ahead of attackers. Track attack paths from breach point to any crown jewel organizational assets.

Organizations are waging an ongoing war with cyber attackers. Cyberattacks have become more complex and harder to detect. Though vulnerability scans and penetration tests are used to assess risks, they are inadequate to test the resilience against the growing threat of multiple attack vectors.

There are also considerable investments to implement security controls, ensure regular audits, protect crown jewel assets, drive non-intrusive and intrusive exercises, and red team-blue team exercises. Despite all these, organizational breach trends are seeing an upward trend. The answer is simple, and the issue is not in the approach, but in the gaps that exist such as:

  • Assessments are regular, but not continuous.
  • Payloads are fine during penetration testing, however, many zero days might emerge.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and assign them severity based on tools, industry study, and some risk score.
  • Decide internally based on vague ideas on the probability of getting exploited.
  • Inability to understand the meaning of exploitation.
  • Subjective evaluation of security issues.
  • Overload of irrelevant information.

Advanced breach & attack simulation platform to enhance your security posture

Organizations are vulnerable to attacks despite having the latest security controls and process, hackers are on the prowl, and they can capitalize on human errors such as misconfigurations, shadow IT, and lack of security awareness. They also use genuine tools and user actions to invade networks and target assets.

Aujas, with its advanced Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) platform, can help you in evaluating your organization’s readiness to take on cyber threats.

BAS platform overview


  • Continuous Automated attacks. Customized, simulated attack from any starting point to any target asset.
  • Custom hunt missions based on crown jewels.
  • Up-to-date attack methods and tools.
  • Details on compromises with steps and chronological flow.
  • Interactive visualization and Effective visualization and prioritized actionables.
  • Laser precision remediations.
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date attack methods.
  • Detailed visual display of the attackers’ critical paths.
  • Automated, actionable and prioritized remediation insights.
  • Fully secure simulation based on real users’ actions.
  • Advanced Management dashboard with the capability to not only manage incidents but also operational aspects of running a SOC.
  • Detect potential APT attack Scenario.
  • Cost effective, Quick and easy deployment (on-premises or cloud-based).
  • What-if based scenarios.
  • Learns with time to get smarter in your environment.

Five Core capabilities

  • APT attack scenarios contextualized to your organization’s network.
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date attack techniques.
  • Auto-reports to prioritize actionable remediation.
  • Secure and invisible APT simulations.
  • Visual mapping to highlight attack paths.
  • Quick, easy deployment on-premises or on the cloud.


XM Cyber BAS platform process flow


  • 24x7 continuous monitoring of attack vectors on your target assets.
  • Prioritize actionable remediation measures.
  • Cut down IT security risks.
  • Risk score formula to quantify breach impact.
  • Measure attack critically and recommend actionable remediation.
  • Ensures noticeable outcomes to justify security investments.

Automate & simulate attacks, get actionable remediations to fix flaws

Aujas breach and attack simulation platform can simulate, validate, and remediate attackers’ paths to your critical assets. The platform’s automated purple teaming aligns red and blue teams to provide a full realistic APT experience and prioritized remediations. By addressing real behaviours and exploits, the platform aligns a full spectrum of attack scenarios to your organization’s network. Simulated attacks are then executed to expose blind spots using advanced attack techniques. These attacks are carried out without affecting network availability and user experience.

The Way Platform Works

How XM Cyber BAS platform works?

Our purpose is to provide you with an ultimate APT simulation & remediation platform, which can act as a fully automated purple team. You can leverage the platform to continuously identify all attack paths to their critical assets and receive prioritized actionable remediations.

Prevent attacks in advance, Protect your organization – 24x7

Aujas can offer you the industry leading, automated, and scalable cybersecurity platform to detect advanced persistent threats. The simulation platform is highly reliable and acts like a real hacker. It has automated processes to find paths used by APT hackers continuously while providing remediation measures.

Platform highlights:

  • The ideal purple team combination of red team to discover new attack pathways and a blue team that can identify fixes in the best possible manner.
  • AI driven capabilities to automate attack process.
  • Easy to configure and offers continuous scanning of network, data, and assets.
  • Detailed remediation advice and consistent risk metrics.
  • Updated threat library to detect new emerging threat vectors.
  • Advanced attack methods such as misconfigurations and credential misuse on endpoints.