Ensure compliance. Accelerate your business through customized security controls.

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) security solutions dominate most legacy technology environments. COTS solutions are generic, and they get blamed for security issues since they don’t align well with requirements or business.

Even good COTS solutions somehow are not able to meet security challenges, and they appear to be a force-fit to the business environment. The only answer to this challenge is a customized security solution that can overcome challenges of the COTS solution.

Wide security solution development experience

Aujas has the breadth of experience and expertise in providing custom solutions to point security issues across industries in various security domains.

We’ve solved security challenges ranging from data visualization to IoT lockdown and telemetry, code signing to document classification and DLP, vulnerability management automation to identity fraud detection, amongst others.

Tailored security solutions to reduce application breach risks

Our security solution development approach is devised based on a specific set of challenges, threats, or scenarios faced by your business.

We then choose the best technology options, blend them in COTS with libraries, and customize the development to ensure that we are not reinventing the wheel. We specialize in multiple delivery methodologies, including waterfall and agile models.

Leverage our solutioning expertise to secure your applications

Our security consultants have proven expertise in delivering custom security solutions to protect IP, systems, and data. We have a proven track record of delivering world-class, high-performance security solutions to niche security problems.

After development, you will be the solution IP owner. These solutions are scalable, easy to maintain, and quick-to-market (for incremental release solutions). Along with our experience and capabilities, you can also avail our mature support and maintenance services and round-the-globe presence.