Maximize security awareness by proactively educating employees on how to identify advanced phishing attacks.

Social engineering and phishing have become major concerns for businesses across the world. Among these, spear phishing attacks are becoming more difficult to identify and avoid. Attacks target unsuspecting users who end up revealing sensitive information to phishers, this information can be private data (credit card, login credentials or personal information) or corporate data (trade secrets business plans, sales forecasts). This can lead to significant financial losses, loss in customer trust and decline in shareholder value.

Spear phishing mails are tailored and well-crafted toward a targeted recipient and are devised by a mix of email spoofing tactics and dynamic URLs. To prevent falling prey to such mails it is important to have an action plan to enhance employee’s awareness on phishing attacks & reduce possible threats in the future.

Spear phishing simulation services can help you to:

  • Asses employee knowledge and attitudes in managing phishing attacks.
  • Create convincing phishing scenarios to know employee reactions.
  • Evaluate employee behaviors through reports which help in unveiling patterns of employee actions towards phishing baits.
  • Repeat assessments to continually educate employees and train them to remain immune towards phishing attacks.

Phishnix – A dynamic solution to combat phishing attacks

Aujas helps organizations counter spear phishing attacks through “Phishnix”, a proprietary automated phishing diagnostic platform to protect sensitive information by strengthening their weakest link, their own employees.

  • Flexibility: Choice of deployment methods (on-premise or cloud) to meet your organization's unique needs.
  • Scalability: Fits into any organization irrespective of size.
  • Customization: Tailored phishing simulation scenarios to understand user susceptibility for specific types of threats.
  • Quantification: Measure employee vulnerability to determine potential risks.
  • Education: Enhance employee awareness and knowledge to help guard sensitive information and strengthen anti-phishing strategy.

How Phishnix works

Phishnix does a behavioral analysis of employees when faced with a phishing attack. Employee behaviors can be assessed to understand the reactions towards the simulated attack. This data can be used to create awareness and train employees on how to respond to a phishing attack.

Phishnix can also be an integral part of any cloud security programs and can seamlessly integrate with major cloud service platforms such as Salesforce, Google Apps, Netsuite, etc., specific simulation scenarios can also be added to Phishnix and triggered based on need.

Implementation Approach

Phishing Email Prevention Platform

Shield your business. Combat any phishing attack.

Cybercrime is getting organized and refined like never before. Phishing emails are on the rise, and attackers are making targeted attacks indiscriminately and random recipients. Aujas can help organizations establish risk management and control mechanisms which can help them stay vigilant to evolving phishing attacks.

Aujas Phishnix simulation advantages:

  • Realistic spear phishing scenarios devised based on the trending phishing risks.
  • Customized phishing simulations designed for every organization and test employees on specific scenarios.
  • Detail reports on human firewall health with every phishing simulation engagements. The report is meant to highlight how individuals has responded to attacks, their IP address, web browser and the device on which the email was viewed. This detailed report provides information to help you know where to focus training awareness efforts.
  • Self-administered training and interactive games to reinforce awareness training modules among employees.