We enable our clients to allow the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time, for the right reasons. This helps our clients increase security and productivity, while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks.

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Aujas Services

Aujas offers comprehensive Identity and Access Management services including strategy and design, control integration, and sustenance and optimization. What’s more, our IAM experts are vendor-agnostic – ensuring that our clients get best-in-breed results across all leading identity and access solutions. We offer the following services:

IAM Governance Framework
Policy & procedure, roles and responsibilities framework required by IAM

IAM Readiness and Roadmap
Roadmap for functionality and investment and preparation assessment

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A detailed requirements analysis and planning process creates the foundation for an effective IAM solution. Aujas evaluates each client’s needs through multiple avenues, including executive workshops and field assessments, and then creates a detailed strategy and an IAM roadmap. Aujas also guides business case analysis, technology evaluation, and solution architecture with an eye on the total cost of ownership and the investment landscape.

IAM Technology and Product Selection
Selection of best fit technology and product choice, POC, demo, etc.

IAM Architecture Design
Detailed blue print of the solution design to weed out technology unknowns

Access Governance Services
Measure and mitigate access risk across distributed business systems. Capability to periodically review access and build executive IAM dashboards

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Identity and access management is no longer just a requirement for IT administrators. Access risk is a Board level issue. Aujas Business Access Governor is a solution that aligns the business implications of an IAM program with the technical management of access. It is a unique solution that organizations can use to enhance their existing or planned IAM solutions to provide advanced access governance functionalities.


Fast Track Access Governance

Ubiquitous Identity
Unified, converged and digital for the enterprise, cloud, social and mobile realms

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Managing multiple digital identities across various IAM systems can be challenging. Aujas works with its clients to create federated identities, which ensures interoperability and the sharing of trusted identities across multiple stakeholders, including customers, business partners, and vendors.

Digital Identity Management
Streamline digital identity lifecycle processes by automating creation, modification and removal of digital identifies within the enterprise or on cloud

Access Management and SSO
Eliminate multiple application access channels by one access for all uses

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We deliver complete solutions for enterprise access management, including Web access management, single sign-on, converged access control, information rights management, and more. At Aujas, we not only believe in de-risking the business of the client but also ensuring that business of de-risking is seamless and hassle-free. Access Management and Single Sign-onprovides a layer of freedom over the blanket of security.

Privileged Identity Management
Accountability for shared and administrative access while increasing efficiency

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Aujas works with its clients to ensure that employees have only the access that is required to do their job effectively and only for as long as they need to do that job. We work together to create policy-based dynamic controls that specify who can have access to what, at what time, and in what context.

Aujas Privileged Access Governor provides a modular and scalable framework to build solutions for addressing the challenges associated with privileged access control. This solution framework has been build ground-up, to allow insertion of specific modules to solve specific challenges.

Audits and Benchmarking
Functionality and performance audits to benchmark against industry standards

Incident Resolution
Troubleshooting, short term resolution, bug fixes, SLA driven support and liaison with OEM vendor for resolution and patches

Enhancements and Optimizations
Projects to introduce new functionality in the existing IAM system

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As an end-to-end solution provider, Aujas support is available to sustain and optimize our clients IAM solutions. Identity access management is never static and a mature system needs to continue to evolve. We support this through enhancements and upgrades.

IAM Operations and Evolution
IAM operations (Onsite/Offsite) and provide an enhancement roadmap


Case Studies


Unified SSO for Industry Conglomerate to secure Cloud and On-Premise Business Applications

Today’s information security experts are wise to focus on cybercrime detection and prevention. Cyber criminals are using very sophisticated attack vectors such as advanced persistent threat (APT), zero-day attacks, and spear-phishing to compromise systems and steal data. Multiple point technologies have emerged to help organizations detect and prevent these attacks. What many companies lack, however, is a structured, cohesive and integrated program to leverage security intelligence from all tools to improve cyber defense, and prevent and manage security incidents consistently.

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Solution Design & Implementation for Managing Privileged IDs in Telecom Environment

A National Identity Program collects the personal information of a country’s residents and issues a unique identification number to every resident. The information authenticates citizens for benefits disbursal under various public welfare programs. The system also authenticates citizens for banks, financial services, and other consumer uses.

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BPO gains competitive advantage and mitigates access risk by using Identity Management

Our client is the world’s third largest retailer with a turnover of $115 billion (£72 billion), a presence in 12 countries with a market leader position in six. With over half a million employees, 6,600 stores, and a strong online business, this retailer is known for bringing best value, choice and service to millions of customers. The company also operates an extensive loyalty program that has operations similar to a bank.

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