Keep open source vulnerabilities, threats, and risks away

Open source is being increasingly used to accelerate time to market, reduce development costs, enhance agility, and enable speed in delivering value. Since open source development is community driven, partners avoid having policies, processes, and tools for open source license compliance. This can lead to security vulnerabilities causing serious legal and business risks. 

Open source and IP compliance services can help in:

  • Identify vulnerabilities in open source code.
  • Continuous monitoring of code for any new vulnerabilities.
  • Design and implement policies for stronger governance.
  • Avoid intellectual property infringements.

Mitigate open source security risks

Aujas can help organizations comply with requisite open source licenses and requirements needed to secure intellectual property and patents. This can ensure secure use of applications which can help in retaining trust from customer and suppliers.

  • Identify security vulnerabilities and manage risks.
  • Comply with open source licenses and manage obligations.
  • Seamlessly integrate our services with the SDLC processes.
  • Secure on-premises applications.
  • Allows users to create third-party notices.
  • Leverage compliance library which can map over 400,000 open source component versions to vulnerabilities.

Track and fix open source security vulnerabilities

It is imperative to keep track of open source code and the vulnerabilities associated with the code, since the risk of open source usage depends on how open source code is being managed in the organizational environment. There is a definite need to create an open source compliance management program to strengthen the security and legal status of resulting application or product.

Our solutions can scan applications to identify open source components in:

  • Source code
  • Software packages
  • Binaries
  • Code snippets
  • Build dependencies
  • Docker images

Enabling safe and reliable open source applications

Our expertise can help you to identify open source licenses, including license details and risks. Palamida, the solution we use to manage open source can also automate the creation of BOM to ship with your products. Automated discovery supports scanning within archives along with direct and transitive dependency reporting for popular ecosystems. The inventory view lists all components, prioritizes issues and create tasks for your teams. This enables you to comply with license obligations and protect your IP by:

  • Detecting components across programming languages, binary formats, and frameworks.
  • Leveraging the largest, most comprehensive open source library with more than 14 million open source components.
  • Using patented scan technology for both source and binary files.
  • Efficiently scan the entire length, breadth, and depth of application code.