SAVP Vulnerability Intelligence (VI)

Fast track vulnerability detection and remediation with vulnerability intelligence, exploit data, asset learning, workflows and personalized visualizations.


SAVP Vulnerability Intelligence (VI) consumes all possible contextual data to answer one simple question: What vulnerabilities should you fix or patch, and at what priority, to minimize the overall risk that your organization faces due to running vulnerable software. SAVP VI is the engine that powers this assimilation and analysis of data to give you relevant information at your fingertips, helping you answer that simple question that doesn’t seem to have simple answers before now.


VI uniquely provides prioritization of vulnerabilities that need to be remediated to reduce real risk. It uses various contexts such as asset criticality, exploit availability, Internet facing, age of exploit and other parameters to compute risk
Our cross functional team consist senior and junior business analysts, developers, administrators and project managers.  Brining the right combination allows us to successfully deliver engineering projects.
Advanced machine learning algorithms allow SAVP VI to auto learn about the environment: asset discovery, applications, libraries, applicable vulnerabilities, remediators. NLP allows parsing and comprehension of plain English-language vulnerability disclosures by OEMs and researchers. More than 300 bots automatically monitor vulnerabilities for more than 1.2 million products.
An integrated workflow engine that leverages all contexts available to SAVP VI allows for the design of robust, smart workflows to trigger automatically and initiate remediation in the shortest time organizationally possible.
SAVP VI offers a very rich library of data representations and visualizations for human analysis. Dashboards track not only vulnerability, exploit, patch and asset details but also report on trends and efficiency of the vulnerability remediation program, allowing tracking against republished KPI and SLA, thus providing a end-to-end view of the vulnerability management program.
SAVP VI is designed ground up to be multi-tenanted, resulting in secure separation of data of different sources or consumers. Additionally, unstructured data import is natively supported, significantly accelerating setup time and easing day to day operations.


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