Enable enterprises to manage access risk by governing the lifecycle, access control and administration of digital identities


The Identity and Access Management (IAM) Practice provides techniques and solutions to manage digital IDs and their access capabilities across business applications of an organization. IAM Practice help the organizations’ information security leadership know who has access to what and who can do what using IT systems that control increasingly more aspects of business every day. Our services allow business leaders to understand the access patterns of their teams and the impact they can cause. Several government and industry laws require the businesses to gain this insight into access patterns and then establish ways to prevent and detect misuse of access. In this manner our services not only make our clients more secure, risk free and compliant with laws, but also help them in becoming faster and more efficient by using the automation that our solutions provide.


Aujas provides Advanced Planning Services to help customers kickstart or rejuvenate their IAM programs. The primary services offered are:

IAM Governance Framework :

This service helps our clients in establishing a framework for managing the IAM program by defining and establishing the goals and objectives, policies and procedures, team charters, roles and responsibilities along with metrics and monitoring mechanisms.

Readiness and Roadmap :

A service offering that helps our clients plan their IAM investments in line with the business requirements. Aujas consultants provide a recommended sequence for rolling out IAM functions in line with the roadmap. The service, additionally reveals the level of organizations preparedness (technical, operations and project management) for an IAM program and methods to plug the gaps for each stage in the IAM roadmap.

IAM Technology and Product Selection :

Aujas provides a technology neutral approach to establish custom made benchmark for evaluating IAM technology based on your own business needs and goals. This custom made benchmark is then used to evaluate technology and product options. Aujas also provides technology demonstrations, self-guided demos, and proof of concept pilot deployments.
Industry analysts have been reporting that that Identity Administration and Governance solutions will continue to get most attention and investment from security leaders. IAG solutions not only help enhance efficiency of ID admin function but also help in mitigating risk and achieving regulatory compliance. IAG solutions vary significantly in design principles, deployment approach and functioning. Aujas provides full cycle services for successful implementation of IAG solutions utilizing industry leading products.

Rapid IAG Package :

A packaged service offering to quickly get your IAM program off the ground to address compliance requirements for your most important applications. The service offering provides a solid foundation to scale up the program in later phases; ideally suited for SME organizations. Service offering is available with a choice of IAG products.

Compliance Alignment of ID Provisioning Systems :

Aujas provides specialized services for enhancing the design and functioning of the traditional IAM systems that were designed to serve the primary function of ID synchronization and provisioning. The service offering helps to generate increased return on existing IAM investments and their compliance alignment while minimizing disruption of the existing program. The solution approach leverages augmenting provisioning systems with access recertification by utilizing the existing access entitlement patterns and processes in use.

Large Scale IAG Modernization using Robotics :

IAG solutions, especially with early adopter organizations, are often used with reduced functionality to provide specific features limited to workflows, approvals or access reviews. The key features of closed loop or zero touch provisioning is often missing due to the difficulty and complexity of building connectors or adapters for niche and custom build applications. Aujas’ proven approach for enhancing the functionality using Robotics enables traditional limited functionality large scale IAM systems to be rapidly transformed into zero touch IAG systems with full automation and compliance readiness. Leading RPA solutions along with their integration with IAG solution are supported.
These services help design and deploy solutions to bring in accountability for shared and administrative access while increasing operational efficiency. Aujas solutions empower security leaders to comply with regulations and best practice for managing administrative access and prevent insider breach by power users without introducing restriction or bottlenecks. The solutions scale to address the needs for a small server room to large global data centers. Service for Privileged Identity Management include: development of Policies and Procedures for PIM Program, Design and Deployment of PIM solutions, deployment of SSH Key Management and migration of Agent Based PIM solution to Access Broker solutions.
Once successfully deployed, IAM systems provide benefits to various departments and user groups. As a result, successful IAM solutions start becoming an essential dependence for business which must be maintained and evolved in line with business. As a result, managing, operating and constantly enhancing IAM solutions becomes an essential discipline for IAM leaders. Aujas provides a range of sustenance services for pre-existing as well as greenfield IAM programs:

Turnkey IAM Solutions :

This is a comprehensive service offering that is provided to the customers on build, operate and transfer model. Under this service offering, Aujas teams work with the client to shoulder responsibility for designing, building, operating, incident resolution, upgrades and enhancements of the IAM solution in line with clients’ strategy and vision. The services are provided using a hybrid delivery model in a SLA bound manner. This service offering frees up client resources to focus on IAM strategy and business stakeholder management while providing a full scale IAM solution in optimized cost. Managed Services are also available for pre-existing IAM programs where Aujas takes over the existing IAM solution and optimizes it using an integrated tech and operations model.

Incident Response and Enhancements :

This is a limited scope service under which Aujas provides capabilities to support, maintain and enhance IAM deployments. While client teams focus on first line support, Aujas complements them by providing level two and three specialist support for all aspects of solution configuration and customization. Aujas consultants additionally take care of periodic enhancements and upgrades as needed as well as liaison with product vendor’s tech support on clients behalf. This service is delivered using a hybrid delivery model and supports round the clock operations.

On Demand Support :

On Demand Specialist Support service offering was designed to address the clients’ requirement of obtaining an assurance and peace of mind for their point IAM solutions. These are typically solutions that have a narrow and niche scope, for example, ESSO solutions or Access Recertification solutions or Access Control for Microservices. Such point solutions typically do not require comprehensive round the clock expert support, but do require specialists to be available as and when needed for issue resolution, enhancements or even just consultation. On Demand specials services are meant to address this required. Services are available in various modes – onsite, hybrid delivery, offsite, or email and phone only.
Rise of Microservice architecture pattern has disrupted the traditional authentication, authorization and audit trail processes. Aujas provides a combination of advisory and integration capabilities to support IAM for Microservices using lightweight IAM techniques such as Sessions/Tokens and Oauth.
We deliver complete solutions for enterprise access management, including Web access management, single sign-on, Federation and Cloud SSO, Access Control for Microservices, converged access control, information rights management, and more. At Aujas, we not only believe in de-risking the business of the client but also ensuring that business of de-risking is seamless and hassle-free. Access Management and Single Sign-on provides a layer of freedom over the blanket of security.