Next-generation layered endpoint defense

What We Do

We provide a newer, layered endpoint defense that is designed specifically to

Rapidly detect and stop advanced persistent threats and fileless malware

Provide visibility into potentially infected endpoints across the kill chain

Incorporate new techniques like sandboxing, whitelisting, and behavioral detection to offer automatic protection against the vast majority of malicious activity

It is a two-tiered holistic solution with

  • Software agents that run in the background on endpoints
  • Central command and control for configuration management, policy management, monitoring, responding to security incidents, and threat hunting

Our EDR offers comprehensive protection that integrates next-generation antivirus, automation, machine learning, behavioral analytics, and contextual threat intelligence.

Our Capabilities

Aujas Managed Endpoint Detection, Response, and Prevention Service provides you the industry's most advanced endpoint security, with

The earliest threat prevention

The fastest detection and response

Automated threat hunting

Our Solution

When you choose Aujas Managed EDR, you get all the security and none of the overhead. The service is fully managed by us. You don’t need to deploy any infrastructure or resources (time and people) to protect your endpoints. With our subscription- based model, your network enjoys 24/7 protection in real time from signature and non-signature-based attacks without any capital investment on your part.

Our solution automates investigation of malicious activity, root cause, timeline, activity, communication, and affected machines. It combines full endpoint visibility with machine learning behavioral models, search for anomalies and unknown signature-based attacks, as well as known signature events and malware.

The result? The ability to stop attacks in real time and get back to business in minutes.

When you choose Aujas as a Managed EDR service partner, you get:

Effortless onboarding of endpoint agents and solution deployment

Round the clock endpoint security monitoring for threat detection, validation, and response

Comprehensive, real-time endpoint visibility with immediate response capabilities

Continuous endpoint monitoring and reporting for targeted attacks that have bypassed defensive security technologies

Low false positive and real-time endpoint threat visibility providing quick identification and validation of potential threats with immediate response capabilities

Speedy and skilled incident investigation and response based on the severity

Response for an infected system - either isolation and notification; or granular response like killing a process, reboot, disabling the internet or USB or shutting down the system

Monthly cyber health report

Proactive threat hunting using endpoint security data

Powered by Endgame Platform

Aujas leverages Endgame platform to provide your infrastructure best-in-class protection against targeted attacks:

  • Continuous endpoint threat monitoring and prevention
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Detailed forensic investigation and threat validation
  • Behavioral and community-sourced indicators to reveal malicious operations
  • Identifies unknown non-signature-based attacks through behavior monitoring
  • Collects endpoint data without kernel level intervention
  • Continuous data collection on endpoints even when off network
  • Next Generation antivirus

Business Benefits

Avoid operations breakdown
Protect business revenue
Retain customer confidence
Safeguard your brand reputation
Reduce the burden on your
resources (people and time)
Continue business-as-usual in
compromised environments

…. with zero investment in infrastructure

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