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    Aujas Managed Detection & Response

    24x7 enterprise threat monitoring, incident response, and security incidents remediation assistance

    In the ever-evolving digital landscape, adopting a traditional approach to IT security is simply not adequate. It cannot safeguard your organizational assets and data fully. Furthermore, with remote workforces, protecting sensitive business information across a distributed geography has become the need of the hour. While many enterprises recognize these shifts, they often lack the expertise, experience, and resources to effectively address these modern security challenges. This prompts an important question: How do you manage the growing threats targeting your IT ecosystem daily?

    This is where Aujas Cybersecurity’s managed detection and response (MDR) services step in. Our team of experts is tightly integrated with our threat hunters, which allows us to quickly identify and respond to threats. We use this knowledge to constantly evolve the security use cases for anomaly detection and to utilize the NIST framework for incident response and recovery.

    Problem we solve

    Problem we solve

    • Detecting, containing, and recovering cyber incidents
    • Complying with NIST Framework for incident handling
    • Building defences and preparing for the evolving threat landscape



    • 24x7 attack detection
    • Reducing dwell time and response time
    • Monitoring business supporting systems such as server logs, AD, VPN, and antivirus servers
    • Threat intelligence security monitoring for compliance and audits
    • Multiple tools and technologies for monitoring



    • Anticipating breaches in digital systems and fortifying weak points
    • Correlating cyber events across digital, cloud and industrial systems to identify malicious usage patterns
    • Coordinating response to contain and repel cyber incidents
    • Enhancing risk posture across systems
    • Establishing final defense against breaches and attacks

    Flexible engagement models

    Security Operation Center (SOC) services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes:

    Co-managed SOC: We can help you transition your existing SOC to ours, optimize its operations, and keep it running smoothly. We also offer services to build and operate a new SOC from the ground up.

    Aujas MDR: Fully owned and operated by us.

    We offer three MDR service packs to meet the unique needs of businesses — Armor 1 for basic, Armor 2 for moderate, and Armor 3 for advanced cybersecurity requirements.



    MDR team


    MDR SIEM technologies and
    tech versatile profile


    MDR clients


    Years of cybersecurity expertise

    Our services

    01 Offensive Security and Engineering

    SOC Design and Engineering

    • SIEM design and deployment 
    • SOAR orchestration 
    • EDR and XDR deployment 
    • System integration and parser development 
    • Log source and event flow tuning

    02 Managed Security Operations Services

    Managed Security Operations Services

    • Cybersecurity toolset management 
    • Incident detection and response 
    • Triage, containment, and recovery 
    • Incident retainer service
    • Continuous risk posture improvement

    03 Threat Hunting and Offensive Security

    Threat Hunting and Offensive Security

    • Threat anticipation 
    • Hypothesis development 
    • Recon, scanning, and enumeration 
    • Analysis and confirmation 
    • Response coordination

    Case Studies eBook

    Aujas MDR services safeguard global businesses, shielding their digital ecosystem and assets from evolving threats. This coffee-table e-book highlights our success stories spanning diverse industries. 

    Why Aujas MDR?


    As a pure-play security company, we have been focusing on multiple facets of managed cybersecurity and risk management engagements. We have been managing mission-critical cybersecurity programs and SOCs for over 15 years in the manufacturing, telecom, government, banking, finance and insurance, and retail stock exchange sectors. Refer to our tailored and customizable Armor packages for comprehensive cybersecurity programs that fit your organizational needs.

    Next Gen SOC Service

    We provide comprehensive next-gen SOC services, including managed SIEM, EDR, analytics, threat hunting, SecOps, and SOAR. We provide 24x7 security coverage and geo-redundancy with SOCs in the USA, India, and MEA.


    Aujas Cybersecurity's approach to information security is not just tool dependent. We believe that the most effective approach to securing an organization is to blend human expertise with well-established and standardized processes. Our core team has multidisciplinary expertise, including security operations (SecOps), security controls experience, security engineering, and risk management.


    Aujas Cybersecurity’s ISO 27001-certified global delivery centers guarantee alignment of our processes, personnel, and technology with international information security standards, including ITIL Service Management and NIST Cybersecurity.

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