Accelerating cybersecurity transformation at scale

We empower organizations to accelerate their cybersecurity transformation at scale. With our expertise, we help you design, implement, and sustain customized cybersecurity programs that seamlessly align with your business goals. Our solutions span various domains, offering the complete spectrum of services required to build strong security foundations and overcome compliance challenges. Our seasoned experts are dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions designed to protect your business and ensure your continuous growth.

Elevating Enterprise Security

Aujas Cybersecurity engineers advanced cybersecurity services to safeguard the digital ecosystems of our global customers. Our top-notch services minimize risks and strengthen cyber defenses for resilience, criticality, and scale.

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Efficiently assess your API implementations for compliance, security, and readiness to fast-track your integration into the account aggregator ecosystem. Ensure ongoing compliance through certification and regular evaluations.




Streamline device management with our fully managed platform—ensuring compliance, maximizing availability, and simplifying operations. Benefit from secure signing, encryption, firmware maintenance, and chip mastering services for L1 devices.




Leverage an agile, DevOps-ready code-signing solution to safeguard your software with advanced cryptographic algorithms. Use a lightweight, easy-to-integrate solution to shield your organization against unauthorized software and elevate compliance.




Simplify access lifecycle management with PALM— our home-grown accelerator that automates application integration with IAM products like CA IDM, RSA, and SailPoint. Streamline requirement collection, analysis, and code generation.


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