The COVID-19 crisis is proving to be the most challenging one for the health care and pharma industry.

This situation has also provided a golden opportunity for cybercriminals to target healthcare infrastructure with zero-day attacks, sophisticated malware, and ransomware for stealing sensitive data and make financial gains.

As part of our efforts to fight COVID 19 pandemic, Aujas Cybersecurity is offering healthcare and pharma companies a zero cost security monitoring and threat intelligence service for 100 days.

The service can ensure 24x7 monitoring of your 20 mission-critical devices and help you stay protected against potential threats.

The service scope and benefits include:

  • 24x7 monitoring of critical servers and devices for malicious activities such as connections to hacker owned COVID-19 domains, data thefts, etc.
  • Continuous monitoring to observe any access manipulations or unauthorized server access.
  • Monitor and report external domain traffic (through firewall, proxy, and VPN devices).
  • Daily reports on critical user activities and users of internal and external networks.
  • Daily compliance reports of mission-critical systems.
  • Threat intelligence feeds from multiple sources specific to COVID-19 Indicators of Compromise.
  • On-demand security analyst services to handle any security situation/breach/investigations.
  • Service also includes the license for threat intelligence and monitoring platform.

About Aujas

We are a global cybersecurity services company consistently recognized by NASSCOM, Deloitte, and Gartner for its unique cybersecurity capabilities. We help organizations build robust security foundations and accelerate cybersecurity transformation at scale.