Understand and evaluate risks. Maximize the potential of security insights by frequent tracking and measurement of vulnerability metrics.

Proactive security is the foundation for successful vulnerability management.

Vulnerability management should ensure swift and effective responses to vulnerabilities and must minimize risks. However, the vulnerability detection tools used by organizations do not interact to provide collective intelligence needed to resolve today’s threat challenges.

Most risk managers depend on excel sheet, asset lists, coordination across distributed offices, orphaned assets, human intelligence, and complex organizational structures to painstakingly manage vulnerabilities. They also lack resources for proactive measures against zero-day vulnerabilities.

Today’s risk managers need a platform powered by automated workflows to manage vulnerabilities and take decisions based on pre-defined SLAs.

SAVP – A personalized, actionable vulnerability intelligence solution

The Security Analytics and Visualization Platform (SAVP) from Aujas leverages advanced machine learning, NLP, and clustering algorithms to understand your security environment and provide personalized vulnerability intelligence.

SAVP helps to improve the risk management process by implementing a metrics-based system to empower vulnerability management teams. The platform has automated workflows through which teams can schedule security fixes on a specific date. Automated workflows can free the risk manager’s bandwidth to focus on more critical tasks and avoid follow-ups. SAVP can help in easy management of user accounts, configure new widgets, profiles, and control permissions at the record level.

Platform Features:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard: Customizable dashboard to display personalized vulnerability intelligence suited for your business. The dashboard enables you to explore and learn new patterns, identify critical areas, and drive better collaboration.
  • Workflow support: The platform can run your entire vulnerability management program, it has pre-built workflows for business process modelling and can tag and rate your assets. You can also customize the workflows based on your business needs.
  • Deep learning: SAVP is powered by advanced deep learning modules to provide you vulnerability intelligence that can highlight the days of zero-day vulnerabilities, enabling you to respond more effectively.
  • Administration: SAVP can ensure enterprise level management and security through a balance of self-service model and administrator defined controls. The platform also has an SSO feature allowing you to control roles and rights.

A robust solution to view your organization’s state of security

SAVP uses asset awareness and risk registers to quickly detect the owner in case of a time sensitive vulnerability and helps in taking critical decisions.

The deft combination of intelligence, analytics, business processes, and collaboration features help to improve time to resolution for vulnerabilities and removes false positives. SAVP also drives business efficiencies at reduced costs for security teams facing time and resource crunch.

SAVP’s bots continuously monitor the internet for emerging new vulnerabilities and leverage advanced machine learning and NLP technologies to personalize the vulnerabilities to your organization’s technology stack, reducing noise and improving focus for an effective response. The clustering algorithms in the vulnerability management module is beneficial in identifying vulnerabilities with high accuracy before it could be of any harm.

SAVP Workflow

 Security Analytics and Visualization Platform (SAVP)-Workflow

SAVP – Unique and contextualized to meet your security needs

SAVP is a smart, swift, and customizable solution to view your organization’s state of security. It not only helps to swiftly detect and mitigate threats but also allows you to set parameters according to your unique business needs.

The platform is adaptable and with a low cost of ownership makes it an ideal choice for resolving security-related issues such as client assurance, product security, and product enhancement.

SAVP advantages include:

SAVP deep learning capabilities

Asset learning & clustering

SAVP auto-learns your assets over time and reduces the security team’s asset management workloads.

Insight based vulnerability management

Deep insights on vulnerabilities

SAVP updates its vulnerability knowledge base through its global bots, this knowledge is used to help organizations build vulnerability management initiatives and develop effective response systems to take on cyber-attacks in advance.

Cyber risk mitigation

Mitigate risks faster

Using the automated work-flow engine, SAVP performs regular remediation tasks to meet pre-defined SLAs.

Effective vulnerability management

Prioritize your work

SAVP can prioritize the vulnerabilities and lets you respond effectively.

Cybersecurity audits

Faster audits

The platform keeps track of every step in the vulnerability management process and ensures the required transparency needed to clear audits.

Security Automation

Improve your team’s performance

The platform’s ability to automate regular tasks and learn about your assets can drastically reduce your team’s effort to manage vulnerabilities.