The bank wanted to perform the Red Team Assessment to meet its regulatory obligations. The assessment intent was also to gain better understanding of any existing flaws such as open ports, misconfigured SSLs, leaky S3 buckets, and XSS vulnerabilities.

The bank also wanted to know whether their current security controls could withstand network intrusions, social engineering phishing, and DDoS attacks.

Aujas Red Team experts used adversarial attack emulation in adherence to industry standard MITRE ATT&CK framework to perform the Red Team Assessment.

The framework is similar to Advanced Persistence threats (APT) observed in millions of attacks that led to cyber breaches worldwide.

Aujas Red Team solution features:

  • Evaluated effectiveness of existing security controls and solutions to further optimize and fine tune them to mitigate risks
  • Ensure client gets a deeper understanding of the risk levels of the most critical assets in the organization.
  • Uncover serious security flaws that would not been detected with traditional penetration tests.
  • Test the detection and response capabilities of Blue Team to improve the Security Operations Centre (SOC) maturity.
  • Provide an evidence-based risk profile to senior management and recommendations to improve the overall security posture

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