Helping organizations conceptualize, architect and design, prototype, build, release and maintain custom security solutions, and enhancing the capabilities and integrations of existing security products for OEMs


Rapidly growing security product companies and organizations that needs a custom security solution need to augment in-house capabilities to innovate, prototype, reduce time-to-market, and multiple feature-sets concurrently to stay competitive and differentiated.

Security Engineering Services designs and builds security solutions that require bespoke software development, testing and integration with other ecosystems to fulfil custom, niche requirements and problem spaces in cyber security.


We assist customers define and refine requirement, architect and design the solution or product. Aspects such as Features, UX and Wireframing, Analytics, Roadmaps and Product Management Support are included under the Requirement and Design services. Starting development with a prototype or MVP, we are dextrous to pivot when needed. Build services include product and module development, comprehensive testing, open source IP compliance and code signing, and code handover.
Customers focus on product GTM and roadmap evolution, while Aujas sustenance engineering allows existing builds to stabilize and establish path for feature improvements, functionality / upgrade rollouts and support. Sustenance services include patch development, hot fixes, advanced troubleshooting, feature management, upgrades and release management, and enhancing / expanding product extensions and plugin frameworks.
The rise of security app ecosystems, from where apps for common security and data platforms such as IBM Security App Exchange, Splunkbase, and Arcsight has catalysed the need for conceptualization, design and development of apps. It is now the norm for product companies to have an app on the platform to enable data exchange between their product and platforms, such as using IBM QRadar, Cisco ISE pxGrid and McAfee DXL. This provides inter-operability, expanded integration footprint, competitive advantage and avenues for additional revenue to product companies. Services include app design and development for inter-product integrations with data exchange, event normalization, metrics, dashboards, reports and user actions.