Analyze and recognize exploitable areas. Gain clarity on security status quo. Ensure compliance through effective penetration testing methods.

With the increase in malicious attacks, organizations must have an actionable security testing strategy through risk analysis, integrity checks, and business logic testing to pinpoint vulnerabilities and determine real-world security challenges. Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a proven discipline to identify, assess, test, and fix high-risk security gaps and flaws that can compromise information. The penetration testing process consists of both manual and automated processes to reduce all risks in applications and networks.

Know the vulnerability, Protect critical assets

We do not just assess ways on how attackers can gain unauthorized access to your sensitive data and capture your systems for the wrong reasons, our team of experts also simulate real-world attacks to determine the how your defenses fare, along with the magnitude of the breach in case of sophisticated attacks. The strategy and tactics are devised based on the security report devised by the pen test team after conducting a full round-up study of your organizational security setup. We also evaluate the effectiveness of your security framework by using similar tools and techniques used by hackers to conduct a breach. 

The range of penetration testing services we offer:

Internal and External Network Penetration Testing
Network Security Architecture Review
Wireless Network Security Assessment
Security Configuration Review

Enhance your preparedness, Solidify your security stance

Be it the protection of customer data or organizational data stolen through business spying, the significance of safeguarding information assets and reducing the risk of data theft is more than ever before. 

At Aujas, we objectively asses and measure the level of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks associated with your infrastructure, both from internal and external threats. Our penetration testing processes begins with categorization & profiling of the target under test, while thoroughly understanding your security complexities and business risks.



This is the requirements engineering phase where information and intelligence related to applications, data, and systems infrastructure are gathered. We also use Open Source Intelligence methods to gather unclassified intelligence (like an attacker) from public resources such as social media communities, web and media. Along with this, business logic weakness is identified in cross-scripting, SQL injection faults, and authentication vulnerabilities to create an actionable threat profile.



Here, web applications are assessed using automated tool-based assessments and manual reviews to unveil flaws and loopholes in your critical business assets. Our experts use Black Box and Gray Box testing methods to verify your application security strength in different situations. Black Box testers leverage automated tools and manual penetration techniques to determine vulnerabilities from outside an organization’s IT network. A Grey Box tester has extensive knowledge of internal working environments and has system privileges to assess network risks and can simulate attacks like hackers having long term access.



The security observations and vulnerabilities identified in the previous testing phases help to establish an external connection to the organization’s network. We undertake confidence-building measures and initiate contractual agreements with all stakeholders before initiating such a move. Our experts drive planned attacks and specific intrusions through sophisticated methods to strengthen hold and test your organization’s ability to mitigate real-time threats and protect sensitive information.



The reporting phase of the external and internal penetration assessments consists of aggregating all discovered and exploited vulnerabilities in a technical report. The report thoroughly describes risk, root cause, vulnerability descriptions, remediation steps, and links to vendor information on each vulnerability. All vulnerabilities that are assigned respective root cause categories get mapped against CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) risk rankings. We also provide security recommendations and remediation plans to fix network and application flaws, which can improve your security stance against any form of attack.

Mitigate infrastructure security risks, Analyze security fail points

Pen testing services are also an ideal way to know your actual security needs, the importance includes:

  • To evaluate technology assets for all forms of vulnerabilities
  • Effective implementation of security controls to prevent breach and hacks.
  • Regular testing of applications at code, bug and hardware levels to prevent frequent attacks.
  • Internal and external scans to detect intrusions and breaches.
  • Detection of unknown attacks through regular probes.
  • Test & scan infrastructure, networks, and applications after transitions and software upgrades.
  • Viewing security through the eyes of malicious actors and experienced cybersecurity experts to find areas of your security posture that needs improvement.


Reliable testing services to secure your business future

There are increasing chances of a cyber attack on a program, platform, or application due to multiple security issues. We can help you shield your innovations and applications targeted by attackers by providing consulting and advisory support, remedies, and recommendations to safeguard your valuable assets and help run your business operations fear-free.

We are the cornerstone of penetration testing and is a CREST member company. CREST accreditation entails a rigorous process to assess testing methodologies, legal and regulatory compliance, audit competencies, data security standards, and communicative abilities with internal and external stakeholders.

Our services are evolutionary and can help your organization by:

  • Safely simulate the most sophisticated attacks to evaluate the state of risk and identify suitable remediation.
  • Providing actionable reports on your existing & exploitable security vulnerabilities.
  • Classifying threats and suggest ways to overcome them.
  • Customizing penetration testing services in alignment with your business and organization’s threat profile.
  • Enabling you to meet compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI, DSS, NIST.
  • Optimally driving pen test due diligence to maximize return on investments.