A global leader in fashion and consumer essentials with operations across 150 countries and service portfolio of over 30 international brands had migrated their on-premise data to AWS cloud platform.

The AWS platform had multiple security issues such as a lack data visibility, poor data controls and compliance, inability to monitor data, and increased risk of data theft.

Aujas IAM experts created & implemented a complex large scale, multi-layered cloud security architecture and security controls to protect their online data. Penetration tests were also conducted to ensure the platform and customer data is safe.

Key Solution features:

  • Big Data security by integrating multiple heterogeneous technologies such Hadoop, using Kerberos based authentication and sentry-based authorization.
  • Security Incident and Event (SIEM) monitoring for the client’s cloud platforms to ensure 24x7 continuous real-time monitoring.
  • Internal and external API security.
  • Defense-in-depth approach & data encryption.

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