How to Secure Your Private Blockchain, Protect Your Customers’ Assets & Preserve Your Reputation

Do You Know?

  1. The value of blockchain is equal to the security it provides. Blockchain technology is used to create trust in environments where multiple entities transact, but may not inherently trust each other.
  2. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that no less than 25% of global banks will incorporate blockchain in their operations by 2019
  3. Blockchain will rapidly disrupt manufacturing, healthcare, retail, telecom, government, and education verticals as well.
  4. Self-executing smart contracts, digital currencies, fraud detection, real estate records, patient data privacy, automated claim processing, inventory management, product origin tracking … name a transaction and blockchain technology will transform it.
  5. Blockchain is a rapidly evolving technology that is being developed on the go. There is no governing body and no universally accepted security standards.
  6. More than 20 security savvy banks and financial services providers rely on Aujas to secure their blockchain infrastructure and delivery process.

Presented by:

Suhas Desai, VP - Digital Security, Aujas

You will learn:

  • What is blockchain
  • What makes private blockchain more secure than public blockchain
  • Top 6 threats that can weaken private blockchain
  • 4 risk mitigation strategies to secure private blockchain

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