The bank with a vast global network of branches, remittance centers and ATM kiosks has been expanding rapidly over the past three decades.

They had implemented a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to meet regulatory compliance and security needs.

The solution had inconsistent incident management process and prevented the bank from establishing a database of sensitive data which could be accessed and updated by the bank’s management.

Aujas risk advisory experts transformed the DLP solution in four phases.

  • Framework Design: For data protection governance and data leakage incident management for effectively managing the DLP solution.
  • Data Flow Assessment: To capture sensitive data along with classification levels, compliance requirements and data flow across functions.
  • Data Repository Tool Rollout: Design & deploy the tool along with the sensitive document data captured during the assessment phase. Configure approvers & train business representatives on how to use the tool.
  • Rule Design: Create, test and monitor rules based on data flow. Test rules in monitoring mode, make the rules live and block low false positives.

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