An increase in targeted attacks made regulatory authorities mandate all banks to submit a effectiveness report of their respective security programs.

The bank choose Aujas to comphrehensively evaluate the existing security program for any vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to implement security sytesms to mitigate threats.

Aujas experts delivered the project in three different phases, Planning, Effectiveness Evaluation, and Report Creation.

Key Project Achievements:

  • Comprehensive view of security controls across business functions.
  • Compliance reports to the regulatory authority within the stipulated timeline.
  • Business continuity and diaster recovering plans for offices across geographies.
  • Evalution of security strategy & tactical configurations.
  • Implementation of threat prevention systems.

About Aujas Cybersecurity

We help you build strong security foundations and transform you existing cyber security postures to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity. Our business-centric approach to cyber security ensures cyber resilience and helps you stay ahead of an ever-evolving threat landscape.