Modern software supply chains thrive on trust. With CodeSign by Aujas Cybersecurity, you can instill confidence in your users and establish yourself as a trusted software provider by:

  • Establishing developer identity.
  • Ensuring software integrity and intended usage.
  • Reducing the risk of tampering, malware injection, or unauthorized access.
  • Enabling wider platform distribution.
  • Supporting user-friendly integration.

And that’s not all. CodeSign also offers additional benefits throughout the software lifecycle, including streamlined compliance, comprehensive reporting and monitoring, and unmatched scalability — safeguarding both your reputation and the interests of your customers.

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About us

Aujas Cybersecurity helps build and transform cybersecurity postures to enable business and mitigate risks. Our focus is to strengthen security resilience by minimizing the occurrence of attacks, threats, and risks so that you drive change, innovate, and accelerate growth the way you want.

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