Our people are our strength. They are intrinsic to our business strategy and drive our success as a global organization. We firmly believe that diversity and inclusiveness gives us a rich talent pool and we embrace the variety of educational and vocational backgrounds that our people bring to Aujas.


There are two types of career paths within Aujas: consulting roles that directly service our clients and supporting roles which play a big role in helping our consultants succeed.

Consulting Positions

Our consultants deliver cutting-edge information security risk management services in:

  • Risk and compliance advisory
  • Identity & access Management
  • Security intelligence
  • Data protection
  • Threat management
  • Cloud & mobile security

New graduates can start as associate consultants, with a path of advancement up to and including practice leadership. Aujas consultants work in flexible teams for the duration of an engagement. Some are generalists and work across multiple domains, while others are specialized, subject matter experts. Our consultants also specialize across industry verticals where they apply their expertise to develop innovative solutions for client challenges.

Non-Consulting Positions

If you choose not to be a consultant, there is exciting and challenging work to be found in our business development, solution engineering, and business support services teams. These teams work with our consultants to drive our business growth.


After you complete your undergraduate or graduate degree, you can apply for either a consulting position or support position. Most of our consultants start as generalists and gain specialization as they work through one or more functional practices and industries. You can also start your career with us in roles such as sales, marketing, HR, operations, etc. You can also apply for opportunities for internship in areas of information security.



You know your calling, you have decided on your specialization, and have spent time gaining crucial skills and experience. Now you are yearning for more. Consider applying to join one of our functional practice areas. Our functional practices deliver innovative services to some of the most demanding and discerning clients across the world.



We are amongst the fastest growing companies in our space and we are extremely agile and responsive to changing trends. We are committed to attracting, retaining, and rewarding high-performing leaders. We seek executives who have made their mark and are inspired and driven to build upon their success.