What is Blockchain Security?

Blockchain, at its core, is about security. It is about powering tamper-proof virtual transactions that will hold up in the real world. This distributed ledger technology is a tectonic shift from traditional single owner to multiple participants in a business network.Blockchain's skyrocketing adoption is centered on the technology's ability to ensure data integrity through tracing and identifying single source of truth and consensus of all parties for approving a transaction.

Aujas Block chain security services

More than 20 security savvy banks and financial services providers rely on Aujas to secure their blockchain infrastructure and delivery process. To make your blockchain security implementation seamless and speedy, we have created an exclusive Risk Management Framework. This guides you to adopt and implement blockchain security regulations and best practices.

  • We provide solutions to manage identities of people, business, and things.
  • Our digital security team helps you to secure your business application's integration with various merchants and aggregators.
  • Apart from technical standards and activities like assessment-pen testing, we also focus on security governance.
  • Following the approach and solution methodology developed by us, our consulting team will help enable and secure Blockchain lifecycle and help facilitate secure online transactions and formalize digital relationships with transactions revolving around every possible sector.

Aujas Block chain security model


Secure Design

Secure Architecture Review Review Consenus Networks

To eliminate security risks at inception and enhance ease of scalability.
We assess the design and architecture of the blockchain ecosystem to eliminate possible loopholes from the initial design. Our review encompasses the operational models, network architecture, transaction flow, design and implementation models.


Technology Audit

Payment Platforms Ledger, Node Applications Crypto

To eliminate technology and process risks.
We review the technology and processes in the blockchain system e.g. application platforms, distributed ledgers, consensus protocols, smart contracts, cryptography etc using our exclusive governance framework


Compliance Audit

Data Security Compliance Compliance Audit for PIINetworks

To ensure the security of data in transit and at rest.
We check regulatory compliance of Pll and other critical data, including a review of the genesis block, chain code, algorithms, membership service providers (MSP) etc.


Security Assessment

Smart Contracts Platforms and Apps Consenus Networks

To avert compromise, manipulation, and tampering of the ecosystem.
We will attempt to exploit any vulnerability or weakness discovered during the previous stages. The goal of this stage is to find issues relating to compromise or takeover of peers, tampering blocks, manipulate the consensus, which can disturb the ecosystem. Strategy based use cases will be designed for assessment and PoC will be captured.


APIs & VM Review

Review APIs and SDKs Review Virtual Machines

API & VM Review: to ensure the nodes of the network are not compromised.
This phase includes assessment of the services hosting the platform, SDKs, and APIs used by the applications to communicate with the blockchain ecosystem.

Do not leave your blockchain security and business reputation to chance. Talk to Aujas, the globally recognized cybersecurity specialists. We will work closely with your team to assess, enable and secure your blockchain lifecycle.

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Aujas Block chain security advantage

Dedicated blockchain security audit practice

At Aujas, we have a team of blockchain security professionals, architects and secure developers dedicated to helping you secure lifecycle management in blockchain implementations. This team brings expertise in blockchain secure design and architecture, security audits, penetration testing and remediation services.

Blockchain R&D hyperledger setup

Aujas Digital Labs is equipped with various blockchain setups. These advanced technology setups are used to perform security audits and penetration testing of your blockchain setup.

Use cases, PoC, governance framework, consensus and node audit, risk advisory, solution design and implementation

To make your blockchain security implementation easier, Aujas Digital Security team has developed detailed guidelines, use cases on security best practices usage during the deployment, risk advisory methodologies for various security risks.

Penetration testing methods to secure infrastructure with detailed mitigation

Aujas Digital Security team developed penetration testing methodology for the underlying infrastructure components of the blockchain setups. This helps to pinpoint and demonstrate the security risks and mitigation plan for your blockchain infrastructure.

Advisory for best practices; data and key management through HSM

Aujas Digital Security team has developed security governance, best practices guidelines, data security controls and key management guidelines. This helps to remediate the security findings occurred during audit and penetration testing phases. Do not leave your blockchain security and business reputation to chance. Talk to Aujas, the globally recognized cybersecurity specialists. We will work closely with your team to assess, enable and secure your blockchain lifecycle.

About Aujas

Aujas is a global cyber security services company with deep expertise in Security Compliance, Identity and Access Management, Risk Assessment, Application Security, Managed Security and Security Engineering services. We have been recognized by Deloitte and Gartner for our unique cyber security capabilities.