Enhance your application security posture to overcome vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and protect brand equity

Security threat landscape of applications have changed due to the increase in usage of “ready to deploy” frameworks and third party libraries. Attackers are targeting applications instead of networks or hardware, since most apps have exploitable ends, which is due to slack in testing methodologies. Be it any application, they are direct entry points making them easy targets to threats and attacks. Moreover, these apps have sensitive data and intellectual property that attackers can exploit for nefarious use

Application security is a critical part of testing practice, it can:

  • Enable you to remain more active and vigilant in protecting client data and information
  • Help you meet regulatory, compliance requirements
  • Ensure risks are mitigated within acceptable limits
  • Fix all critical flaws and known vulnerabilities

Unlock true value of security testing services at scale and speed

Our application security testing services can help you understand security issues in your applications and platforms, and determine how these security issues can allow an adversary to compromise or retrieve sensitive information.

We can also help our organization run large-scale application security programs to fulfill your business needs, and ensure security of solutions delivery. The objective is to mitigate security risks from early stages of development to ensure your applications and platforms are robust and secure.


Center of excellence consisting of a comprehensive set of people, tools, techniques and processes

AppSecure is our innovative Center of Excellence to maximize coverage of your application security testing needs, help you attain risk management goals, meet compliance needs and ensures quantifiable results from your security initiatives.

AppSecure benefits:

  • Establish secure SDLC processes to ensure that developers are following industry best practices to build secure applications
  • Capability and security experts to conduct architecture risk analysis, threat modeling and provide security-coding guidelines
  • Heat map based threat modeling and profiling to identify vulnerable areas, misuse cases (security stories in agile) are highlighted in the heat map, which shows the changes in software components at every stage of the development process
  • Define application security baseline criteria and security controls, which are derived from years of experience and best practices like OWASP, CWE, Microsoft SDL etc
  • Implement and integrate of third party scanning, static and dynamic analysis tools to the development cycle
  • Remote desk of geographically dispersed team coordinated by program managers to handle assessment and remediation assistance requests

Transform testing practices, Experience predictive outcomes

Our Application Security Advisory and Assurance Framework ensures all security testing initiatives have the required depth to meet any application testing need.

Rather than relying solely on automated test scans, which fails to understand the complexity of use cases in the solution, we perform application profiling to devise relevant exploitable scenarios.

Our team of security experts perform more than 250 standard checks including critical and high-risk vulnerabilities and sophisticated exploits covering the entire application functionality.

We also provide a comprehensive report exemplifying the security status quo and the recommended security posture based on an organization’s business and risk appetite.

Application Security Advisory and Assurance Framework

App Secure - Centre of Excellence Framework


Empowering teams & environments to guarantee application resilience

Our consultative approach include choosing the type and depth of testing required based on risk associated with the application. We can transform your existing security testing service initiatives to reduce all breach risks and to identify and fix business critical vulnerabilities. By engaging with us, you can discover a new realm of security testing experience, this includes:

  • Application security baseline and practices standardized, documented and communicated through training
  • Static and dynamic testing for applications
  • Automated tools for scanning
  • Threat modeling / architecture risk analysis on need-basis
  • Multiple touchpoints in SDLC by Aujas experts
  • Application security standards (Secure SDLC) defined, integrated & followed at every stage
  • Threat modeling during early stage of development
  • Experts teams to conduct independent testing using multiple security testing techniques (static, dynamic, runtime and manual)
  • Software composition analysis and manage use of open source software components in applications
  • Advanced metrics, KPIs, SLAs and reports to drive efficiency and mitigate risks
  • Reports on remediation progress and changes in organization risk posture