Implement security program management to overcome skills gaps, effectively manage resources, reduce costs, and integrate security into development cycles.

Aujas can design and manage large application security programs from the requirements gathering phase to final delivery. Application program management services can help you build secure applications through architecture risk analysis, threat modelling, and provide security coding guidelines for your team to mitigate flaws in the early stages of development. Once complete, the final deliverable undergoes a series of penetration tests to make it more robust and secure.

Manage application security risks across the development cycle

Aujas offers program management services to accelerate application security assessments and drive agility to deliver reliable, secure applications that meet global compliance standards. Our experts can help you establish a roadmap consisting of processes, metrics, and best practices needed to scale your application security program and achieve your delivery goals.

Program management services include:

  • Drive assessment schedules and plans based on application criticality and compliance requirements.
  • Application threat profiling and mapping of threats with vulnerabilities and existing controls.
  • Penetration testing and code review of web apps, mobile apps, and web services.
  • Open source components identification, security review, and compliance assessment.
  • Security testing tools integration with DevOps to automate security efforts and deliver “secure code” for agile releases.
  • Periodic vulnerability assessments of critical assets and applications.
  • Vulnerability prioritization based on asset / application criticality.
  • Fine-tuning methodology and scanning tools as required.
  • Vulnerability tracking, escalation, and monitoring as per SLAs.

Helping you achieve and maintain a strong application security posture

Aujas security management process involves an active analysis of the application for any potential vulnerabilities due to improper configuration, hardware or software flaws, operational weaknesses process, or technical counter measures. The analysis is made from a potential attacker’s perspective and can involve active exploitation of security vulnerabilities. Our teams use industry best practices & methodologies such as OWASP, SANS 25, OSSTMM, & NIST to drive security testing methodologies.

Aujas Application Security Program Management Overview

  • Architecture Review & Threat Modelling: Threat modelling is a security-based analysis of an application to help find “anti-scenarios.” It helps in the identification of threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, and counter measures. It allows organizations to determine the precise controls needed to produce effective counter measures within the budget.

Security Architecture Review & Threat Modeling

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST): The process constitutes reviewing applications to uncover vulnerable coding practices. This process is performed manually by considering the exploitations that can be used to take advantage of weak code.


Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): DAST is a set of tests performed with the right mix of manual & automated checks to assess the resilience of web applications and uncover hidden vulnerabilities & risks from third party open source technologies used in the application. Two types of assessments, Black Box & Grey Box testing are performed to maximize coverage.


Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Sustainable services to meet your appsec assessment goals

Aujas security program management services can help you optimally plan, build and run application assessment programs customized to your business needs. Our experts have extensive knowledge and skills to sustain large scale security program management initiatives while driving them through standardized processes and metrics.

Our service advantages include:

  • Collaborate with your key stakeholders to build a program governance model and design roadmaps to deploy and manage scalable application assessment programs.
  • Design, manage and sustain an end-to-end application security program customized to your business.
  • Include automated and manual testing in the development cycle for concrete outcomes.
  • Ensure tangible value through metrics and processes.