Empowering users to combat Phishing attacks


Our social engineering solution, Phishnix assesses and trains employees on the risks of phishing. Phishnix also leverages the teaching moment created based on the user's response and generate an action plan that can be implemented to further strengthen human firewall. This solution helps an organization to build the first line of defense by increasing an employee's awareness to phishing; thus it plays a vital role in an organization's anti-phishing strategy.


The solution provides a choice of deployment methods to meet organization's unique needs easily.
Phishnix effortlessly handles organisations of all sizes.
The solution can be customized to run tailored phishing simulation scenarios to understand employees’ behavior to specific types of threats.
The solution measures employee vulnerability to determine potential risks associated with phishing.
Phishnix increases employee awareness and knowledge to help guard sensitive information and strengthens an organization's anti-phishing strategy.


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