Manage security disclosure and incidents associated with your products with ease; communicate, manage and control responsible disclosure and interface with security researchers, customers, and your product’s community.


Organizations creating products & software need to address the cyber security threats arising from the usage of third-party libraries and integration points. They need a system to communicate with external stakeholders regarding security of their products and related technologies as well as interact with internal product security teams for publishing information, incident management workflows etc. External stakeholders include customers, security researchers, security community, and industry partners. The system needs to interact with internal product security teams for publishing information and incident management workflows. The product security information system functions as the authoritative guidance source from the product organization and demonstrates the organizations focus on managing product security.

Aujas offers the Cyber Security Product Response System (CyPRS) that is tailored to individual customer requirements, often based on the product mix or portfolio offered. CyPRS allows all actors to interact through workflows using a common system (customers, users, security researchers, product teams, developers, etc.) and orchestrate the overall security response function effectively.


Interface securely with security researchers and the security community; covers vulnerability submission, disclosure, proof of concept / evidence, exploit information submission, and remediation through update / patch / workaround / hot fixes.
Incident creation, workflow management for incident response and containment.
Communicate securely as well as publicly with different stakeholders, such as customers, partners, developer and cyber security community. Share best practices, advisories and patch release, maintain knowledge base, post updates to social media such as Twitter.
Track, report and publish product security metrics for all stakeholders; control what data gets published for internal use and what is available to communities.


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