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Provide assurance to your customers regarding the authenticity of your software by automatically signing it prior to release and use.


Signing code before releasing binaries and executables has become the standard for providing the assurance to consumers that the software being released is indeed from an authentic source and it has not been modified or altered by an unauthorized entity. Unsigned code is typically untrusted, and software / OS security models are increasing rejecting unsigned software execution. Aujas provides code signing solutions to enable our customers to manage the code signing process to scale to millions of code signing events per year for software that they release. These solutions support a large variety of development languages and environments, and come complete with workflows to allow integration of code signing into the overall build and release process.


ACS natively integrates with your software build and release systems, allowing automated signing for all files that get released as part of your software. With configurable GUI options and parameters / options available, software packages with different file types and signing needs can all be signed with a single set of signing wrappers provided along with the solution.
Support Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms for build signing. Numerous filetypes supported, including .msi, .msp, .dll, .exe, .sys, .war, .jar,. ear, .rpm, Docker images, .zip, .apk, .dmg, .ipa, .pkg, etc. With the use of GPG signing, many more file types are natively supported.
ACS supports all commonly used forms of signing, including basic signing, GPG signing, hash sign, force signing, append signing, MAGE, WHQL and others.
To ensure that your software is free from malware, ACS uses an enterprise grade malware scanner to scan the binaries before signing them, thus protecting our customers from the risk of inadvertently releasing infected files.
Manage certificates (test and production) for all code signing purposes through the GUI. ACS supports HSMs and associated key management for specific sign types.
Integrate with your enterprise directory such as Office365 or Active Directory for SAML based user authentication and authorization. The solution also authenticates build users and machines before accepting signing requests
Inbuilt workflow engine allows routing of approvals for projects, builds, and certificates in the solution.
Preconfigured reports and dashboards to track various activities occurring in the code signing solution. Integrated billing helps you get a real-time view of costs.


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