Making security an integral part of DevOps


Our DevSecOps services ensures security with speed. We extend the "shift left" principle to security as well and security is introduced early in the development process to help deploy secure code continuously, making overall software secure and compliant .

We understand that implementing DevSecOps techniques is a gradual process. We help define how operations, engineering and security can work together, collaborate to build secure software and achieve success.


We work with multiple security solutions and support a range of DevOps tools to help organizations implement security in their DevOps journey.

Our approach is to ensure code is secure, compliant with internal security guidelines and industry best practices.

Our approach combined with our SAVP-VI platform to deliver actionable vulnerability intelligence.  Our platform can learn about various technologies, components and third party libraries used in build and provide security advisories to address zero-day attacks, understand real risk to the environment and prioritize security issues for remediation efforts.


Aujas helps organizations manage information security risks by protecting data, software, people and identities in alignment with best practices and compliance requirements.